My name is Nefertari i'm a singer and i'm the pioneer of Ghetto Princess Pop! My music has the passion, intensity and erotic appeal of Hip Hop,R&B, Dance and exotic world music blended into catchy,hardhitting pop melodies and hooks. Very Sexy,very talented, very ambitious. One Wish WORLD DOMINATION


Nefertari De Winter is an exciting new singer/songwriter/keyboardist/rapper from Harrogate in the UK. She performs Pop & R&B and unlike most of the prominent artists in her genre today she writes and coproduces all her own music. Her biggest influences are artists like Aaliyah,Mary J Blige,Rihanna,Lady Gaga and Shakira and her music is widely influenced by electro-pop, comtemporary R&B/HipHop,and exotic latino/middle eastern pop.

"I like to think of my music as being daring emotional and controversial but at the same time commercial and fun to listen to in this world we live in there's a lot of restriction and pain and I refuse to censor my experience of that, i want my music to provoke a passionate reaction in the listener so if one of my songs makes you cry I hope that you're dancing at the same time."


Nefertari is currently working on her debut EP Music Takes Over.