Nêga Lucas

Nêga Lucas

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Nêga, through the past years, was able to create a very powerful live samba-jazz show, full of energy and rhythm , very entertaining and suitable for the most large range of audience.


One of the most beautiful voices of Brazilian music in Europe today. As a singer-songwriter, she is a representative and reference as the new original Brazilian music outside of Brazil.She was praised and recommended by two major music critics Nelson Motta (Brazil) and Remmy Koupa Kopul (France).
Nga Lucas has just finished her second album with the same spirit as shes been managing her whole career: between two continents. She drew her musical path by traveling from her homeland, Minas Gerais, up to Barcelona, where she got to work with musicians from all over the world, and where she could find ways to discover unexplored places like India and Morocco. Nga mixes samba, her first musical reference, with latin music, afro-brazilian and jazz, transforming her work into a hybrid full of colors, like a chameleon. 


Canto de Casa - 2008
Frias de Mim - 2012