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"Negative Gemini - Forget Your Future"

Negative Gemini is the trip hop project by Lindsey French, formerly Les La Britanica, and she has just dropped Forget Your Future. The album consists of 12 tracks written, performed, and engineered by French herself. Her intoxicating vocals call and moan through some of the sickest beats.
Negative Gemini teases a little dubstep, as in “Ice Sluts,” the breakdown is the last part of the song, hence it never drops. Nice, keep ‘em hangin. “Virgin Who Can’t Drive” is a pretty chill joint that takes Stacey Dash’s quote from the movie Clueless and jams it out. It ends up being one of those situations where one says the same words over and over until they don’t make sense anymore and sound like complete gibberish. Very psychedelic.
Catch Negative Gemini on 5/21 @ Strange Matter along with oOoOO, Mutwawa, Anduin, and Hydrophonics. -

"Meet Negative Gemini"

Negative Gemini is the darkwave solo project of local artist Lindsey French. She uses various synths and a vocal loop pedal and layers new wave-inspired melodies underneath brooding lyrics. The album is full of distinct influences from vintage new wave to shoegaze and dreampop and It’s so damn catchy, I haven’t been able to stop listening.

You can order a cassette tape of her new album by clicking here -

"oOoOO at Strange Matter, Dark Sounds Abound"

I went to Strange Matter last Tuesday night expecting a mellow night of hard and heavy bass. Not the wom-wom of dub step, but the steady, roll-over-your-face beats of a solid chill-wave/witch house show – something a little stoned, but cohesive enough to tap my feet. But the toe-tapping turned to head-banging and while oOoOO played a determined set that met expectations, local acts MUTWAWA and Negative Gemini made big impacts on the Strange Matter crowd.

oOoOO, a San Francisco chill-wave DJ, reached early success due to his mixes going viral on Soundcloud and other audio sharing services. He practices the ancient art of slowing popular songs down and adding massive bass drops to it. But seriously, there is an art to this brand of bro-dub, and oOoOO is a master at it. Have a listen via the widget below.

His Strange Matter show was intense, and the beats were solid. I had spent some time familiarizing myself with his tunes the night before and I was curious how the show would be presented live. A touring DJ that works small clubs is going to struggle with their presentation anyway – I’m sure there is an effort for a stage presence, but once you start interacting with the audience, you have to step away from your tables and “just press play.” This play-pressing plagues most modern DJs and, in my opinion, makes for a weak show. Sadly, oOoOO slid into this format a bit much for my taste. The tunes were good and the beats were quality, There were slight deviations from his released track, but most beats came in went like an album, when a solid 50 mins of beats could have probably gotten booties shake’n.

I’d still tell anyone and everyone to check oOoOO out – especially as chill-wave goes – but at this level, and at this point in his career, his live show left me wanting more.

Beyond the headliner, 2 local acts – MUTWAWA and Negative Gemini – absolutely blew me away.

Negative Gemini (featured image) is Lindsey French, the female member of Les La Britanica, a witch house/dirty south rap trio that rocked Richmond’s show scene for sometime. Now on her own, French has fractured into a powerfully dark voice reminiscent of GRIMES and Crystal Castles. Lots of haunting drones, punched up bass, and haunting melodies that are stuck in my head to this day. Hear her below, it’ll reverb your pants off.

MUTWAWA is a hodgepodge of already awesome RVA talent – Gary Stevens of Head Molt and Jason Hodges from Suppression and Bermuda Triangles. All of those bands have their own unique sounds, but the steady thread of being brutal and experimental connects the bands. MUTWAWA is no exception to this rule. Programmed synth noises, live pad-drumming, a massive permed hair cut, and finding yourself moshing – things you should come to expect from a MUTWAWA shows. A heavy dark-electronic sound sprinkled with some feed-back noise bleats kept the audience on edge and bouncing for their shows duration. I enjoyed the show so much I went on to their Bandcamp and bought one of their other albums. Take a listen to them below. -

"Negative Gemini, "Slit Show" (Live At Balliceaux)"

Posted by: Necci – Jan 22, 2013

It's been a little while since we featured any videos shot by our longtime contributor, Todd Raviotta, but the fault is entirely ours--he's still out there making the scene and documenting assorted cool happenings in the RVA art and music world. This is a great example--a video shot at RAIN's pre-New Year's Eve Mermaid & Dance Party, which took place at Balliceaux on December 29. Negative Gemini is the recently-launched solo project of Lindsey French, formerly(?) of Les La Britanica.

Negative Gemini uses a lot of the same sonic building blocks as Lindsey's former group did--cheap synths, drum machines, a general miasmic haze floating over everything--but the resulting music is very different. It features almost no hip hop influence. Instead of rapping, Lindsey delivers her vocals in a slow, languid tone that makes me think of Mazzy Star vocalist Hope Sandoval. The thin, hazy keyboard sound and programmed beats come together to evoke some of the recent groups tagged with the chillwave moniker, such as Ariel Pink or Washed Out, mixed with recent synth-pop revivalists like Grimes or Purity Ring.

It's interesting to see Lindsey pull all of these different layers of sound together by herself onstage, using only keyboards and effects pedals. And despite some of the weird goings-on happening while she's performing--men in jester costumes making and passing out balloon animals from behind her on the stage, Disney DVDs being broadcast on the back wall--there's still a captivating atmosphere created by Negative Gemini's music that's impossible to dispel. Negative Gemini will be releasing an LP next month entitled Forget Your Future. Keep an eye out for that, and until then, check out various semi-recent recordings on their soundcloud.

Words by Andrew Necci
Photos and Video by Todd Raviotta -


11-track album 51.4 min. length entitled "Forget Your Future". April 23, 2013.

Single of Beyonce cover "Dance for You". April 23, 2013.



This spring marks the release of French's first ever full-length solo album, Forget Your Future, which was inspired by several genres including house, bounce, hard style, trance, dream pop, post punk, new wave, and hip-hop. Disappointed by the inauthenticity of contemporary pop music and the resulting hesitance to believe an (female) artist is responsible for all if any artistic merit behind her work, French set out to create an album which would rely on no outside assistance, if nothing else but to prove a point, and do so deftly. Using her computer, a loop pedal, and some analog and digital synths accompanied by her knowledge of production, French wrote, recorded and produced the entire album herself in her apartment in downtown Richmond.