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negative pH

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Bailey & Fanene dreamt up an epic work w/their 1st release 'liminal space'. Part Blade Runner, part 7 years in Tibet, they evoke spiritual crisis, paranoia, & inner-city angst; but rise to high plains of music complexity that leaves you asking "more, please?"


negative pH first hooked up in the Fall of 2000; back in the day when Mike and Josh each had their own music on Mike was stationed at Helemano Reservation laying hip-hop and experimental tracks with the likes of e-mac and Josh was deeply involved with the community theatre program as a student at the University of Hawaii, composing for stage productions. Once they began to collaborate, it wasn't long before each of their individual talents started to surface (Josh's diverse musical heritage and Mike's brilliant drum sequencing) and merged to create the negative pH sound you can hear today.

Their first collaborative effort produced the song "Liminal Space" and was quickly followed by "Rising Sine". When Mike received the MIDI file of "Destination Skyline" from the boys of the Swedish group Aura (the source of Trance) their efforts stepped up to create a remix that rivaled the original.

Continually experimenting with sounds and genres, the boys of negative pH soon discovered their talent lay in Drum'n'Bass and new age. Their sound is undergoing a new process -- an evolutionary process -- and perhaps a revolutionary one as well. They hope to share this sound with you as they constantly strive to reinvent the sound of the underground electronic scene.



Written By: negative pH

If you aren't ready for it you're going to have more than your share of sore muscles, aching feet, poor endurance, strain, and awkwardness. Yes, it can be tough for you if you aren't ready for it physically. It can be a lot easier for you if you are. And if you are ready, later it can mean the difference for you between failure and success.


negative pH - liminal space (2004)
entire album available for download/streaming at

Set List

1. sub-liminal
2. alive
3. propaganda
4. pressure
5. obsessed
6. reanimation
7. thalassa
8. eroica
9. 7th day
10. the hunted
11. narkotique
12. rising sine
13. liminal space
14. liminal space (reprise)
15. hypnosis
16. inferno

Our set of all original music runs approx. 30 minutes (4 songs) to an over an hour (over a dozen songs) depending on the needs of the venue. We can easily tailor our set length to the needs of the venue as our sets organized in Ableton Live! under dozens of templates.