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Negative Space


Negative Space brings a fierce, hi-energy live show to the stage to support their 3rd record release "Storylines." The act combines mainstream rock, alternative, and punk energy into an authentic package. Who do they sound like? Bad Religion meets Foo Fighters.


'This is a band with a deep sense of melody as well as a deep sense of songwriting. Throw some balls in for good measure and you get Negative Space.'
- Chris Henderson - Guitarist for 3 Doors Down

'Storylines is a phenomenal album. It really showcases the growth of Negative Space. I love this record!'
-Maria Davis/ on-air personality
WQXA/ Harrisburg

‘Storylines' is an album to be reckoned with from a band like Negative Space that isn’t to be taken lightly. With the amount of sheer grade A songwriting on display, you might be left scratching your head, thinking “why the hell isn’t this band signed?'
- Nick,

'There are few times when I listen through something that is legitimately independent where I can listen and say- these guys are ready. Negative Space is ready. Their album “Storylines” is one of my favorite independent albums of this year.'
- Ryan,

'It is hard to tell that this is an independent release just based on the sound as it is very good, a really tight production with nice drumming (double pedal sometimes!) and some cool riffs...Can someone sign these guys, please?'
- Henrik Holmgren,

'Negative Space unleashes a thunderous, furious force that tumbles and floors us, knocking us down. Their album, entitled Storylines, exemplifies wonderful songwriting in the man-made vehicle of a dynamic hard hitter that acts like a ferocious animal.'
- John Berkowitz,

“It’s a long way to Georgia,” from small town Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home of rock band Negative Space. With the experience of over 2,000 concerts, this once naïve bar band has exploded into a collective force emerging triumphantly from struggles: defining the difference between the end of adolescence and the beginning of up-and-coming songwriters.

Negative Space has reached the pinnacle in their songwriting with songs that deliver guitar-driven rock with the lyrics of maturity that reach fans young and old. Their intense blend of mainstream rock and indie-pop hooks are delivered with raw punk energy. Their style unites the mature driven rock songs of the likes of Foo Fighters with the energy and stage show of Green Day.

“Storylines,” Negative Space’s full-length record being released April 22, 2008, is proof of more than just personal growth and redemption. The album’s amazing production was under the direction of producer Kirk Kelsey (Creed, 3 Doors Down). Immediately after hearing the band’s material, Kirk agreed to take on the project. The band lived, ate, slept, tracked, and mixed in his home studio located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Written as an autobiography, this new album addresses many of the trials, ups and downs the band has been through together. “It’s all just a part of the storyline; a part of life,” says frontman Josh Nice. “How would you know what glory, success, and happiness are if you don't know what things like failure, loss, and fear bring? We've been overwhelmed by debts, changed our share of transmissions, and tires…gotten our hands dirty. Whether having to choose which bill is more important to pay for the month or dealing with the loss of friends that are dear to us, we've had to overcome it all together.” Resonating with listeners is the sense of the band's understated vulnerability throughout the story and is told through thick guitars, hooks, and commercial appeal. Some songs sound like letters from a jilted lover, and others read like an advice column or even a diary page cluttered with near confessions of torn personal beliefs.

The first single “Honestly,” hides a sense of authentic intimacy behind its seemingly uplifting rock feel. Lyrics like "Honestly just to think this could make me someone that fails you, is something that scares me too," reveals the reluctant acceptance of the distance that can shatter relationships.

Further proving that their songwriting and aggressive show and style are not simply used as cheerleading methods or sideshow distractions, they close the record with the emotional, powerful ballad “Abigail.” From the heart, this song is written about a mother’s steady rise above adversity and struggle out of love for her children. It’s truths like these that bring the urgency that has quickly become an undeniable push-off point for Negative Space into mainstream and crossover audiences alike.

Negative Space has tested, hard earned road experience winning fans from Vermont to as far south as Key West. Sharing the stage with bands like 3 Doors Down, Fuel, Lit, Eve 6, Breaking Benjamin, Saliva, and Seether only lend to their credibility of. In support of their new album they will be touring through the East Coast and the Midwest throughout 2008.


From All Thoughts Everywhere - 2002 - Out Of Print/Digital Only

Nothing Ordinary - 2003 - Out Of Print/Digital Only

Storylines - 2008
Single: Honestly