Neginoth Soldiaz

Neginoth Soldiaz

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Neginoth is comprised of one of the most talented producer/engineer combinations in the industry. Inhuman and Top notch both take credit for recording and producing their freshmen project entitled, Rock Wit Me.


The vision of Neginoth is to reach those individuals that haven’t been reached through gospel music. Traditionally, gospel music has only reached a certain class of people; by contrast, Neginoth has come to give the unique blend of lyrics, and music to attract any ear. “If that first door into a sinner’s heart can be opened, then they will be much more willing to accept Christ as their Savior.”


"Rock Wit Me" freshmen release(currently two song in rotation on Holy Hip Hop Radio 106.3FM)

Set List

1)Forget It
2)the Anthem
3)Now you Know
4)Rock Wit Me
A typical set runs between 30-45 minutes.