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HIP-HOP is Neglected Poetry; the name itself defines the music genre. Neglected Poetry is original; a refreshing, smooth, energized feel that is more than inspiring.


In 2002 Nick Svec and Gerald Mount began making music together and it could not have been a more perfect fit. Friends began calling them the neglected poets due to their poetic lyrics that have such a meaning behind them and the fact that outsiders told them they could never make it; they were never fulfill their dream of getting their voices heard. Shortly after that they began calling themselves Neglected Poetry.
By the spring of 2003, with its members not yet out of high school, Neglected Poetry began performing in the small Waukesha Teen Center drawing in so many teens and young adults they had to stop performing there because the venue could not accommodate so many people. At that point the team of Nick and Gerald, or Jed as he is called by friends, began building their own recording studio getting as much equipment as they had money for so they could begin producing their own album. Neglected Poetry put out their first album in early 2005 and sold over 500 copies independently. Over the next year the group began to perform in small local venues in order to get their music heard. They also began recording for their second album which they called a mixtape because it had both new songs and older remixed songs which were not on their first album.
Neglected Poetry got the oppurtunity they had been waiting for in early 2006 when they were asked to be one of the opening acts for the Sean Paul concert at the Rave/Eagle's Club in Milwaukee, WI. The group pulled in such a crowd for the pre-show party that the Rave/Eagle's Club asked them to headline their own show in the Vibe room just two months later. These shows helped to get the music to the public and helped Neglected Poetry independently sell more copies of their second album "The Poets Mixtape Volume 1" than their first. After the shows at the Rave/Eagle's Club, Neglected Poetry began performing at other small venues such as Quaters Night Club in Milwaukee, WI.
The group is constantly writing and producing their own music in the small studio they have built for themselves. Also, in January of 2007 the group hosted their first annual Wintertime Rhymefest at the Rave/Eagle's club in which they recruited five other local groups and organized an entire night of small hip hop performances. The group has opened up for other artists at the Rave/Eagle's Club including Nas and The Roots.
It has been said by many that Neglected Poetry is sure to be one of the best underground hip hop acts Wisconsin and the Midwest have ever seen.


The Poets Mixtape vol. 1 - 2006 Lp
Hometown Heroes Lp - to release in summer 2007

Song " Let You Go " feat. Tiahti played on 103.7 Kiss fm early 2007

Set List

set list usually 45 min to an hour; play 14 to 15 songs.