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MUSICAL AIM : Work in the liberty in order to reach the international success as infinite as possible. What can guarantee a deathlessness in the time and the space, a gain in considerable regards and the fame of great and positive spirits all over the world.

TRAINING: From october 1986 to 1988 in the fourth and fifth year of primary school, around his eleven years old: Personal culture of the musical godgift, for instance, by learning how to sing with any french text in order to impress friends especiallly girls; gain in appreciation nearby the listeners later.

• From the end of 1988 to september 1989 in the sixth year: Personal learning of how to improvise some songs, first in french. Just to do as the jamaican U. Roy but in soul, groove.Such a learning was very difficult,almost impossible at the beginning but today it’s less complicated than before. Now the improvisation is the main composition tool of the artist.

• From the end of 1989 to the beginning of 1990 in the first year of secondary school: he started learning the english language with more interest. “eternal glory and honor to God forevermore, eternal happiness to his polyglot and songstress mother whose father was also ace at singing.” Perahps has he inherited from them (the almigthy God, his mother or his grandfather?). Continuity of the improvisation but this time in english. Concisely said: continuity of the musical Godgift culture.

• From the beginning of 1991 to 2000 : perfect canalization of the french improvisation(today, a little in abeyance) then of the english improvisation(greatly intensive by now).

• From the beginning of 1992: musical extension to other rhythms as reggae,rap,african music and some all new styles.

• From the beginning of 1993: personal song writing from recorded improvisations or not. Today the catalogue counts at least 200 songs. Please verify it by yourself when calling him through the contact beyond and ask either for an improvisation, for his real song number or for both of them.

• From 1994 to 2000: reinforcing of the english improvisations, of the vocal of the songs writing( today in abeyance a bit ), of the written english and then of the spoken english.


Stay A Cappella

Written By: Kone Ningou Augustin

Very soon


Written By: Koné Ningou Augustin

Very soon


First special Album

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I'm doing Reggae , R&B , Soul , Counrty Music . I possess beyond 535 songs .