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"NEGRITA-HellDorado review"

Very well accomplished mix of patchanka, guitars with a Clash sound and rock'n'roll, a cocktail at its highest degree among the most involving ones. A great album with an international flavour. - ROCKSOUND (Italy)

"Rebel Rebel"

The world is hell? Dance on it. The matter might not be new, but the way it is told about leaves you breathless. The eight Lp of the band from Arezzo is full of rythms... - XL


* 1994 - Negrita
* 1995 - Paradisi per illusi
* 1997 - XXX
* 1999 - Reset
* 2001 - Radio Zombie
* 2003 - Ehi! Negrita
* 2005 - L'uomo sogna di volare
* 2008 - HELLdorado
* 2009 - Atlantico Live 27 Febbraio 2009 (EP)

Singles and videoclips:
* 1994 - Cambio
* 1994 - Rumore
* 1994 - Lontani dal mondo
* 1994 - L'han detto anche gli Stones (with Ligabue)
* 1995 - Oltre il confine
* 1995 - Io sono
* 1996 - In un mare di noia
* 1997 - Sex
* 1997 - A modo mio
* 1997 - Ho imparato a sognare
* 1997 - Per quello che dai
* 1998 - Mama maé
* 1999 - In ogni atomo (promo, videoclip)
* 1999 - Fragile (promo)
* 1999 - Hollywood
* 2001 - Bambole
* 2001 - Non ci guarderemo indietro mai
* 2002 - Vertigine (Remix)
* 2003 - My way
* 2003 - Tonight
* 2003 - Magnolia
* 2004 - Up patriots to arms
* 2004 - Sale (feat. Gabriel O'Pensador)
* 2005 - Greta
* 2005 - Rotolando verso Sud
* 2005 - È arrivato un bastimento (feat. Edoardo Bennato)
* 2005 - L'uomo sogna di volare
* 2005 - L'uomo sogna di volare (Corazon Tradiciònal)
* 2006 - Destinati a perdersi
* 2006 - Rodando hacia el sur (for the French, Japanese, South American markets)
* 2008 - Dove le pietre sono mine (Minas Piedras) (feat. Juanes)
* 2008 - Che rumore fa la felicità?
* 2009 - Radio Conga
* 2009 - Gioia infinita
* 2009 - Gioia infinita (Soul Mix)
* 2009 - Gioia infinita (Soul Mix) (feat. Juanes)
* 2009 - Malavida en Bs. As. (promo and videoclip for South American market)

* Oasi (1995)
* Tre uomini e una gamba (1997)
* Così è la vita (1998)



NEGRITA start their musical career in 1992 as Pau, Mac and Drigo hang around the same places and schools in the provincial town of Arezzo (Tuscany) with a wild love for rock and blues… well before being signed they show the Italian audience their great impact and energy, building their profile as a unique live rock band. Their debut album released in 1994 “NEGRITA” (Polygram/Mercury) immediately reveals the essence of the band: irresistible guitar riffs, “stainless” rhythm section, powerful bass grooves and incisive vocal lines delivering relevant messages to the audience.
Since then each album rises the media and audience attention by a constant growth and experimentation of new musical and contents lands, both thanks to their eagerness for cross-over and their journeys. They soon tour beyond the national borders in Switzerland, France - “Printemps De Bourges Festival”, Belgium, Turkey -“European Rock Festival”, more recently in Argentina (last tour in march 2009), Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Spain supporting the band Bersuit Vergarabat (releasing their album “Helldorado” in Argentina in April 2009).

Though keeping their unmistakable style, they achieve to express themselves in many genres: from the authentic blues vein of “XXX” (recorded in the U.S. in 1997), to the hard rythms and electronic sounds of “RESET” (1999, platinum award in Italy from which the single "Hollywood" was nominated in the European MTV Music Awards, the first nomination of three ), going through the new rock/funk/blues vibrations of “RADIO ZOMBIE” (with a great tour following it) and the multi-cultural sounds & lyrics of “L’UOMO SOGNA DI VOLARE” (2005).
This last one is a new important step in Negrita’s career, a journey through the artists’ mind and soul, born from the South American tour, a mix of different sounds from Funk to Blues – with the richness of Brazilian drummers such as (Peu meurrey ands Itajata jose de Sa) – from elecctro-raggae (“Mother”) to Punk (“Il mio veleno”), from The Beatles (“Tutto bene”, sung by Drigo) to the latine atmosphere of Teresa; from Balcanic influences- Mac comes from Croatia- to Jamaican and Sicilian’s ones (“Il Branco”).
That year the band takes part to the “LIVE 8” in Rome.
“Rotolando Verso Sud” wins the best video Italian Award 2005.

While working on the new album, the bands members carry out several new projects like “Zona Bastarda” (Dj sets with Pau and Mac), and “Rock Notes” (a recital, guitar and voice, taken from the book written by Drigo, “Rock Notes”, 2007, Mondadori ed.)
In September 2008 the new single “Che rumore fa la felicità”, announces the release of Negrita’s new album “HELLdorado”, a musical and conceptual journey on the contradictions of the contemporary world: a 360° exploration on sounds and lyrics (in Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese), whereby Africa, LatinoAmerica, Jamaica and Spain are the grid references for the wide musical universe of the band in these last years. All mixed with a rock’n’roll attitude quite uncommon both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its international collaborations and inspiration it addresses a worldwide community and speaks to everyone. The following two singles, “Radio Conga” and “Gioia Infinita” soon become public and critics acclaimed hits on the radios and they mirror the unprecedented success of the “Helldorado Tour 2009”, acclaimed as the best tour of Negrita’s career: 11 dates in February, 40 dates in the summer, most of the dates register a SOLD OUT.

HELLdorado is the western world we live in, it is the joy and the pain in a constant status of eternal contradictions.