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Crooning beauty

She swept us with her velvety vocals in Pesugiraen… Now, Neha Bhasin is back in Kollywood after a break and is raring to go...

Q: We haven’t heard you after Billa. What’s been keeping you busy?

A: I have sung for three upcoming Tamil films — Yogi and Muthirai with Yuvan and one for D Imaan. I have sung the title song in Yogi. It is a grunge number that talks about the film’s main character. Muthirai is a sweet and happy track like my first Tamil song, Pesugiraen…. I’m working with Devi Sri Prasad on a Telugu film and have also sung a track Thaniye… for Emcee Jesz in his new hip-hop album Kavithai Gundar.

Q: You have been singing for Yuvan for the past two years. How’s it working with him?

A: I love working with Yuvan because he explores my vocal ability to the fullest. Yuvan doesn’t talk much. Even in the studio, he doesn’t talk directly to me; he gives me instructions through his assistant. He is a perfectionist but it is easy to work with him.

Q: Despite being a north Indian, your pronunciation of Tamil is perfect. How do you manage that?

A: It’s something that I picked up from my Viva days. We were taught to watch the lip movements of other singers so that we’re in sync with each other. When Yuvan’s assistant teaches me the song, I observe his lip movements. So, credit should go the assistant who teaches me the songs.

Q: How was it working with Emcee Jesz?

A: It was more chilled out than working for films. In this case, it was a marathon as we had to record the song in three versions — Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. In non-film songs, you’ve more freedom — you can sing the way you want to. However, for this album, we had to retain the hiphop mood without losing the Indian feel.

Q: You talked about creating space for non-film music during the audio launch of Kavithai Gundar…

A: Music in India is restricted to films only and there is no space for self-expression. I think westerners have got it right as their artistes speak about what they feel — their lives, their heartbreaks and social issues. We too need a parallel genre for music other than film music. Although it started in a small way in the 90s, it fizzled out. The reason is we don’t have a support system for non-film music.

Q: Can the Internet facilitate the growth of this culture?

A: It can. Thanks to the Internet, the culture of self-expression is picking up. Today, some artistes even have digital releases. Underground music is going online but it hasn’t gained momentum in the mainstream culture yet. But, Internet is a double-edged sword —on the one hand, it helps us connect with our audience directly and on the other, it encourages piracy. It is worse in India because our cyber laws have many loopholes.

Q: What’s your take on piracy? How can it be tackled?

A: The system and youngsters are at fault. It’s okay to download songs of the 50s or 60s, which might not be available in stores today. But we have to find a midway between piracy and actually buying music to support musicians and films. It has to happen by selfawareness. There will always be pirates, but it’s we who have to decide on which side of the line we stand.

Q: You’re a judge on a reality show. Do you think they really put the spotlight on talented youngsters?

A: There are too many reality shows these days. They give talented youngsters a good platform, especially people who have big dreams. But, it can’t make your life. It’s up to the individual to climb further.

Q: What’s new in your forthcoming pop album?

A: My album is an expression of who I am. It has nine songs, of which four are dance-based. I plan to release my album by the second half of this year. - Times of India - Chennai Times, Apr 28, '09

"‘I want to win a Grammy’"

“MY dreams are big. I want to win a Grammy,” she tells you upfront.

Meet the frank, forthright and highly ambitious Neha Bhasin, the voice who lured audiences with her soulful Pesagiren in Saththam Podadey and who is currently featured in Studio 8’s Kavithai Gundar.

“Recording for Kavithai Gundar involved the four most cherished days of my life,” she gushes. “It feels great to be part of such an international hip hop Tamil album,” says the girl who has sung in Assamese, Tamil, Punjabi
and Hindi to date.

Part of the Viva band once, Neha went solo for film playback. “Fashion was my last Hindi release and Inder Kumar’s Daddy Cool and another film by Onir are coming up soon. In Tamil I have the title track of Yogi coming up apart from Muthirai and another item song for D Immaan,” she informs us.

Talking about her Tamil career she says, “I owe a lot to Tamilnadu since my career has blossomed from here.” Ask her how she landed Pesagiren which got her the Vijay TV award and she replies, “Director Vasanth wanted me to sing for him after he heard my Sei number in Billa composed by Yuvan,”she laughs.

Talking about Kavithai Gundar she adds, “I have sung Thaniyee along with Emcee Jesz and also done the video of the song,” she concludes. - Indian Express, Chennai Apr 30, '09

"Yeh dil maange more!"

What do you call a beautiful singer with an enthralling voice? Neha Bhasin, you’d say, if you saw the drop-dead-gorgeous girl and listened to her songs. Neha, who bagged the best female playback singer award at the Star Vijay awards for her first ever song in Tamil (‘Pesugiren’ in ‘Satham Podhathaey’) in 2008 was nominated for the Filmfare awards this year for the song ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ in ‘Fashion.’ A former member of the all-girls pop band Viva! the singer was in the city recently for a recording.

Excerpts from an interview.

The Viva! Saga

Viva! was formed in 2002. It was the resultant product of ‘Pop Stars’, India’s first ever reality talent hunt on television conducted by Channel V. The album titled ‘VIVA!’ came out the same year and the second and last album ‘Viva! Reloaded’ was released in 2003. Two talk-of-the-nation albums and massive public and media frenzy later, the band split. I realised that the execution of team work is harder than I thought. From then on, I embarked on a solo journey.

My musical journey

The solo journey was tough. I am a a very individualistic person and I loved the freedom I had in my sojourn down music lane. It took me four years though to bounce back with shows in and out of the country. Now I do shows in the country four times a month and abroad four times a year.

When B-town beckoned

My first song in Bollywood was ‘Ek look’ for the film ‘Arya.’ The title track of ‘Hari Puttar’ followed. The Filmfare nomination came for my third song, ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’ in ‘Fashion.’

On the Filmfare nomination

It came as a surprise! I had worked with the musical duo Salim-Suleiman during the making of an album for Viva! It was a wonderful experience and I was happy when they called me to sing in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Fashion.’ The track is a duet with Mohit Chauhan of ‘Silk Route’ fame.

Exploring Kollywood

I debuted in playback singing in Kollywood with the song ‘Pesugiren’ in ‘Satham Podhathaey’ which fetched me the Star Vijay award last year. ‘Sey Edavathu Sey’ in ‘Billa’ followed. I owe the flawless Tamil that you hear me sing in to Yuvan Shankar Raja’s assistant, Vasudevan.

On the cards

In Bollywood, I’ve a mid-tempo slow song ‘Look at the way’ in ‘Daddy Cool.’ Down south, there’s ‘Yogi’ and Muthirai’ with Yuvan Sankar Raja and ‘Ninaivil Ninraval’ with D Imaan. Then there’s ‘Thaniye’ in the album ‘Kavithai Gunder’ in which I’ve collaborated with Malaysian rapper Emcee Jesz. Am working on a solo album as well. I myself have written the lyrics of the album. There are four pop-rock songs and about three performance- oriented songs in the album. An international English album is also in the pipeline.

Am not the Page 3 type

I don’t hang out much. That could be why I don’t make it to the gossip columns of newspapers and magazines. Moreover, I have no time for love!

Being fashion conscious

Am not one who follows fashion trends blindly.

But I love sporting good accessories. As a singer, dancer and performer, it’s important that I groom myself and look appealing.

Acting? Nah!

I’ve got a couple of offers but acting is not on my priority list now. It doesn’t lure me as music does. But if a good script comes my way, you might see the actor in me.

Looking forward to

I am one among the scores of singers who dream of working with the legendary A R Rahman. I’d love to sing for Vishal-Sekhar and Harris Jayaraj and also in Mollywood. Am looking forward to more good music and shows. Yeh dil maange more!

What brings me to Kochi

Am here to sing a song for composer Sunny Viswanath. The song for an eye foundation is a heartwarming number that describes the beauty of eyes. It was an altogether different experience working with Sunny. He is cool to work with.

In fact, I had a relaxed recording after a really long time. It was a welcome change. I’d love to come back to do more and more songs with talented composers like him.

Kerala is lovely

I’ve heard that Kerala is God’s own country. One visit to the state and I’m convinced of the truth of what I’ve heard.

But I didn’t have time to explore the beauty of Kerala. Nevertheless it was nice taking in the clean and fresh air, treating myself to good food and a massage. On my next visit, I’d love to go to the backwaters and Silent Valley - Indian Express, Cochin [Kochi] May 07, 2009


Neha Bhasin goes solo

Neha Bhasin has found her bed of roses once again. The former Viva girl and a trained dancer, Neha is gaining a foothold in the music industry with her latest filmy playback hit You & Me from Pyaar Impossible. She tells CS about her upcoming music album and her musical life:

New beginning:

My musical journey has been a seesaw ride, just like life itself -- sometimes rocky, while at other times rocking. However, currently I am totally excited about my yet-to-be-titled album, which is a labour of love for me and my music composer Gaurav. This album is a part of me that lives in the youth of today -- it is bold, raw and each song unfolds a story of its own.
Besides this, I am also busy touring with my musicians and dance troupe. I love it, as it gives me a chance to stay connected to my listeners. And truthfully, I only breathe for the stage; it is the only place where I feel I belong.

Rocking beats:

I grew up on pop, pop rock and a lot of classic rock. Nowadays, I listen to a lot of new hip-hop and R&B artistes. But I must say that I owe my musical drive to Michael Jackson. His songs inspired me immensely. Besides his music, I love The Doors, Beatles, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Madonna, just to name a few. I think among today's artists, Beyonce is phenomenal.

Water baby:

I live for music; it's my passion. But at the same time, I love reading, dancing and keeping myself abreast with the latest international trends in music and fashion. I have a very deep and profound love for the sea and am soon planning to travel around the world. I want to visit as many water destinations as I can. Deep sea diving is something that I'm definitely going to try.
- MID-DAY, Mumbai, Feb 16, 2010

"Pop that ROCKS !"

Neha Bhasin has come a long way from her Viva days but the need to make independent music is still driving her forward. While she has been doing playback singing for Bollywood and has some hits like Khuch Khaas Hai from Fashion to her credit, Neha is still yearning to do her own thing.

“In Bollywood you are constantly singing someone else’s feelings and someone else’s vision. I want to write my own thoughts and make my own music. I need to experiment with my sound and style,” says Neha.

This need has taken Neha into the studio to record her own compositions for her yet untitled album which will be her first solo release. “We were very young during Viva. A lot of people told us what to make. This one is completely my baby. It is who I am and I have grown as an artiste,” says Neha who has worked on a pop-rock sound for this one.

But it hasn’t been easy. Most artistes have been struggling to find a record company to back them. And Neha is going through the same drill now, unlike Viva where there was a backing after she won the contest. “We are all to be blamed for the scenario,” she says, talking about the CD sales and the music scene. She adds that the process is tough if you don’t have record labels backing you.

We hear that talks are on to record a track with LilWayne but Neha is not in the mood to spill the secret. “It’s still too early to talk about that. But yes, I am collaborating with some American artistes for sure,” she says. “The West is curious about Indian artistes and they have opened up now after AR Rahman made it big. Jay Sean also did collaborations. It’s fun to interact with artistes from various genres and backgrounds.”

The songs on this album range from love ballads to hardcore rock. “I need that freedom as an artiste and as a writer. Playback singing doesn’t give you that,” she says.
- DNA - After Hrs., Mumbai, March 2, 2010

"Neha Bhasin on a Roll !!"

Pop singer Neha Bhasin is on a roll. The ex-Viva diva recently completed hosting the Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Hungama programme on Zee Music, which became the top-rated programme across all music channels. She is now considering several anchoring offers. Neha is being professionally managed by India’s premiere artiste management service AMG-India as an exclusive artiste.

Neha’s latest film song (a duet with Shaan) is for the film Hari Puttar. A special video for the same, filmed on her, will be on air this month. She has recorded a duet with Mohit Chauhan (of Silk Route) for Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion with music by Salim-Sulaiman. Her first film song was Ek look ek look for Aryan. She has recently made her Tamil playback debut, having sung three songs for Yuvan Shankar Raja for three major films. Her debut song Pesugiren from the film Satham Podhathaey recently won her the Best Female Playback Singer award. Neha has also sung the title-track of the Ameer starrer film Yogi.

Neha is also working on her debut solo album for which she is working with some of the top music composers. She has sung in multiple languages in numerous ad - jingles for famous brands including for television serials including Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa.
Neha is all set to launch a solo career and is also writing and composing her debut English album for the international market. This follows the success of her debut English single A plea to my Lord written, composed and beautifully-rendered by her for Tsunami victims. Trained under gurus such as Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Smt. Rochana Dahanukar, Neha is also a dancer professionally trained under Shiamak Davar. - SCREEN Entertainment Weekly, June 18, 2008

"‘I am married to music’"

Recently nominated for Filmfare’s Best Female Playback Singer award, Neha Bhasin talks tunes with Reagan Gavin Rasquinha

How do you feel when you first heard that you were nominated for the Idea Filmfare award?
I woke up to my parents knocking on my door as I’m at home in Delhi right now and when they told me that I was nominated for the Filmfare award for Best Female Playback Singer, I thought I’d died, went to heaven and came back! I wanted to hug God, scream and shout. I know it’s strange because that’s what you do when you win the award, but to be considered for a nomination was very, very overwhelming indeed. And honestly, I have Salim and Suleman to thank for it.
What emotions run through you when you sing Kuch Khaas Hein?
One sings many songs in one’s career, but there are a few which are special. The day I was recording this song, I knew it was going to be special, beautifully written and soul-stirring. I am thankful I got to sing it. Every time I sing Kuch Khaas Hein on stage, I have a silly smile on my face a smile of sincere happiness and when people clap, their applause reaches my very soul... and I mean it.
What have you been busy with the last few months?
I’ve been busy performing all over India and a few other countries. I have sung for two more Bollywood films, lots happening down South and have been lucky to have hit songs there too. My award-winning song Pesugiren was the most downloaded song of 2008.
In your performances abroad, does any one performance come to mind for anything funny that happened?
A drunk woman came on stage during a performance in Hong Kong during a posh Diwali ball and started doing a snake dance around my male dancers. I wanted to strangle her. I was shocked, but later while remembering her dance and the shocked faces of my dancers, I had a mighty laugh.
You’re young, good looking and single... Why single?
Thanks... I’m flattered! Compliments always work with girls! (laughs). I have crossed that stage of my life where I will settle for anything just because I must. I am waiting for my perfect fit and maybe God wants it that way. Right now, I am very busy, doing well so I have no time for love. Hey but I’m sure I will be young, good looking and happily ‘double’ one day... Not in size though!
What are your other passions apart from singing?
I am passionate about everything I like or believe in. I like philosophy, I love writing, hey call me a typical girl but fashion is my passion too. I love shoes and clothes, good things in life are my passion but above all, music is my life whether it’s listening to music, writing, singing, buying music, watching concerts, I am married to music.
It's said that scorpios are a mixture of sensuality, humour, drive and sensitivity. How would you describe yourself?
Scorpios are as complicated as you want them to get or perceive them or as simple and predictable as a baby and that’s me too. I am very sensitive, aggressive in my manner but a softy at heart; an extremist. I am very passionate as a person. I have wierd sense of humour. I find sensuality in every beautiful thing made by God. One thing people don’t know about me is that as outgoing my personality is, I have very few friends who are precious to me.
When do you get time for yourself?
I make time for myself, it’s my conscious effort in the race of life not to lose myself. During the busy months, I make sure to unwind before going to bed. I don’t take pride in workaholicism as I want to last for a long time. I don’t want to burn out but I usually never get weekends off. So it is tiring sometimes, but sleep, food and lots of love is important for me. - Times Of India, Bombay Times, March 09, 2009

"Neha sings a new tune"

Delhi girl Neha Bhasin is quite kicked about her booming singing career in Bollywood after leaving a mark in films down South.

She says, “I am excited about singing for a number of Hindi films
. I have sung the title track for the film Hari Puttar – A Comedy Of Terrors . It also features Aadesh Srivastava and Shaan.” This former Viva band member has also sung a duet with Mohit Chauhan for Madhur Bhandarkar’s much-talked-about film Fashion. She says, “Mohit’s song for the film Jab We Met became such a rage. It was a pleasure recording with him. Another film that I am singing for is Daddy Cool, the music for which has been given by Raghav Sachar.”

Loads of work has been keeping Neha away from home. The gal is surely missing home.
- Times Of India, Delhi Times, 19 Sep 2008

"NEHA BHASIN in New Reality Show on REAL TV"

After the Filmfare award nomination this year for Best Playback Singer, more recognition has come NEHA BHASIN’s way. Turner International, which has just launched REAL – a new Hindi Entertainment Channel drawing on 'Real People' and 'Real Stories' to create 'Real Entertainment' – alongwith the Alva Bros. (of Miditech), has roped in Neha Bhasin to mentor, train & judge 12 singers on aspects such as Live performances & Stage presence, – for their soon to be aired reality musical show SITARON KO CHOONA HAI.

This sure is an acknowledgement by the leading International media Co. Turner - of NEHA BHASIN being the Best Female Live performing Singer in the country today – best suited to groom and stylize the contesting singers into India’s leading LIVE PERFORMER !!

The other mentors/ judges on the show include RAGHU of MTV Roadies fame – who would be the head of the academy and vocalist Prashant Samadhar, who had also the vocal guru in Sony TV’s ‘Fame Gurukul’.

‘Sitaron Ko Choona Hai’ will be aired every Monday to Thursday at 8 pm from 9th March. What makes the show interesting is that unlike all other music reality shows, this show essentially looks out for new age singer-performers who have a persona of their own and can interact and hold on the audiences. So, apart from polishing the vocals, the show would also focus on areas of technicalities like sound check, grooming by designers, choreographing while on stage, interaction with the audiences etc.

- Exhicon Events Magazine, March 2009



1. You & Me - Film: Pyaar Impossible (Hindi-2010)
2. Kuck Khaas Hai - Film: Fashion (Hindi-2008)
3. Nasha Nasha - Film: Daddy Cool (Hindi-2009)
4. Hari Puttar - Film: Hari Puttar (Hindi-2008)
5. Ek Look Ek Look - Film: Aryan (Hindi-2006)


1. Thooyavaney - Film: Naan Avan Illai 2 (Tamil-2009)
2. Yogi Yogi Thaan [with Blaaze] - Film: Yogi (Tamil-2009)
3. Om Shanthi Om - Film: Muthurai (Tamil-2009)
4. Thaniye - Album: Kavithai Gundar [with Emcee Jesz] (Tamil-2009)
5. Pesugiren - Film: Satham Podathaey (Tamil-2007)
6. Sei - Film: Billa (Tamil-2008)


1. Ata Nuvve Ita Nuvve - Film: Current (Telegu-2009)



NEHA BHASIN – India’s #1 Female Live Performer !

==> 1st major break – VIVA :

• With drop dead beautiful looks to match her unique, husky voice, Neha Bhasin was selected by Seymour Stein (the man who discovered Madonna) from amongst lakhs of Indian girls and groomed to be a part of India’s first all-girl pop group VIVA, a result of India’s 1st ever reality TV based Talent hunt Popstars conducted by Channel [V].
• Neha was always singled out as the best singer, performer in VIVA (voted ‘#1 Popstar’ on the poll & ‘Most desirable popstar’ on Ch [V] Crush).
• Two highly successful albums and massive public & media frenzy later, VIVA disbanded in 2004 & ever since then Neha has embarked upon her even more successful SOLO CAREER

==> Going Solo – The FILMFARE nomination :

• Neha was nominated for the FILMFARE Award 2009 for her song Kuch Khaas Hai (FASHION)

. Her Latest film song Topping the charts is You & me from the Yashraj Film 'Pyaar Impossible'.

. She had the Honour of singing for the Film 'Daddy Cool' a Film produced by The Legendry Inder Kumar..
The song is called 'Nasha Nasha'
• Her film song HARI PUTTAR (title track), with a special ‘in-film’ video picturised on her & Shaan got rave reviews.
• Her earliest film song Ek Look Ek Look (Sohail Khan starrer ARYAN) was a chartbuster and rocked the nation!

==> Tamil Film Industry gives Neha the BEST PLAYBACK SINGER Award :

• She made her Tamil film playback singing debut with the song Pesugiren (Satham Podhathaey), which WON her the BEST FEMALE PLAYBACK SINGER award, and has since sung many Blockbuster Hits for music directors Yuvan Shankar Raja (including the hits Sei [BILLA], Yogi [title track], Om Shanti Om [Muthirai]) & D. Imaan (Thooyavaney [Naan Avan Illai 2]

Neha has not only taken the Tamil Industry by storm but has also created waves in the Telugu Film Industry withe her debut song 'Ata Nuvve' from the film 'Current' for Devi Sri Prasad.
Another Telugu blockbuster sung by Neha is in the pipeline to be released this year

==> TELEVISION presence – as Live performance Mentor & Music program Host :

• Neha appeared on new TV channel REAL’s Music-based Reality TV program Sitaron Ko Choona Hai as a Live performance MENTOR, training & judging 12 singers to be like her – the BEST LIVE PERFORMER in India !
• She previously hosted SaReGaMaPa Hungama (Zee Music), which became #1 program across music channels.

==> INTERNATIONAL Collaborations & multi-launguage Ad-Jingles :

• Neha has collaborated with Malaysian Hip Hop artiste Emcee Jesz on a track (Thaniye) from his recently released album KAVITHAI GUNDAR. An International, swanky Hip Hop Video Featuring her has been released in India & Malaysia winning her a Fanbase All over the world..
• She is currently recording her solo Hindi Pop/rock album on which she has collaborated with leading American R-n’B artistes, besides doing the songwriting herself. The Album is due for release this year... A self-composed International English album is also in the pipeline.
• She has sung in multiple languages in numerous Ad - jingles for major brands including the latest Bajaj Almond Drops feat Lara Dutta, Compaq Feat Shahrukh Khan, Stayfree & Savlon Ads and also title tracks of T.V. Serials including Sony’s Jhalak Dikhlaja, WALT DISNEY.

==> Neha Being A Natural on Stage is The Most Sought after LIVE PERFORMER – She has a Unique Stage Act - AN AUDIO VISUAL EXPERIENCE

• Trained vocally by Smt. Rochana Dahanukar & being a natural dancer trained by Shiamik Davar helps her present the most uniquely choreographed song-n-dance LIVE act.
• A spot-on entertainer, high on attitude, she has been the busiest solo performing female singer in the last 5 years, performing a truly INTERNATIONAL stage act - The NEHA BHASIN Experience - with Mumbai's leading Avant Garde band and a hi-energy, choreographed dance act, covering a wide repertoire comprising her Hit Film songs & some Evergreen VIVA songs, her repertoire also consists of Latest Hindi film songs, English chartbusters as well as Contemporary versions of classic Hindi film songs.
• With over 300 shows across over 65 cities in India as well as International destinations such as South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong & Dubai.

Neha Bhasin is being exclusively managed for Live Shows by AMG India, India’s premiere Artiste Management Co., marketing various aspects of the professional careers of Musicians/Bands such as Indo-Swedish fusion band MYNTA(feat. Fazal Qureshi & Shankar Mahadevan), ASIA ELECTRIK (feat. Sivamani & Louiz Banks), amongst others. AMG, which is in its 10th successful year of operations, is headed by Mr.Manish Savant, who has years of experience managing & marketing musicians at the prestigious HMV Saregama music co. For live performances or any other promotional activities of Neha Bhasin, contact AMG India at 91-22-28577797 or 91-9820301573 or e-mail us at amgin