A group of audiophiles with music coursing through their veins and an array of instruments from harps to drum machines in their hands came together to build bridges between their influences and create energetic, percussive music as a tribute to funk, folk, disco, and dance.


The band is comprised of two guitarists weened on the likes of Dylan and The Band, who came to discover the world through the likes of Modest Mouse. They keep the band's emotional side in check, along with the harp player who gives each performance an airy-feel. The energy comes from the drums and bass that are slapped and beaten with fury driven by influences of drum and bass, 70s Funk, and in the case of one drummer, acid jazz.

Set List

Sets average about 30 minutes, it has been mostly improvisational sets from which compositions have sprung. We play for the fun of both ourselves and the audience, so covers sometimes make an appearance.