Utilizing the dynamic possibilities of three guitars, Neighborhood plays a heavily blues influenced style of rock & roll in the vein of Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Bob Dylan circa 1966, The Velvet Underground, and contemporary collectives like Broken Social Scene and The Arcade Fire.


Neighborhood is, first and foremost, the band's philosophy. Childhood friends Sam Toabe and Jeffrey Vachon grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. Playing blues songs with their fathers at an early age, the two became lifelong guitar addicts. At the age of eleven, Jeff moved 60 miles away, yet somehow their friendship remained completely intact. Last year marked the first time in 8 years that Sam and Jeff lived in the same zip code. So now that the two could finally be in a band together, it was only fitting that they call it Neighborhood. Sam and Jeff knew that they could not possibly go it alone, and by an act of complete coincidence, the band started to fall together like a puzzle. First they met Justin Shapiro recording an E.P. at the Milkhouse Recording Studio in Allston. Justin was brought in the producer to play drums, and the chemistry was immediate. Since then Justin has handled all the skins for Neighborhood. More recently, Jeff moved into a house in Allston with 7 strangers. One of those strangers was Eric Ramsley, a man who's guitar prowess can only be described as meticulously sexy. After only two weeks Jeff invited Eric to be a part of Neighborhood, an invitation which Eric obliged. Lastly, Jeff's long time friend Maggie Walker, who really is Jeff and Eric's neighbor, decided to make the 2-and-a-half minute walk to the band's house to lend her beautiful voice to complement the bravado off three guitars with the grace and melodious knowledge of a lady. Maggie also brought her roommate Viva along to end the band's long quest for a bassist. Think the Grateful Dead's studio records, the Velvet Underground's songwriting ethic, and the energy of the Rolling Stones. Neighborhood is an experiment in collective consciousness through the passionate release of tension.

Set List

Originals: Gorgeous, Like Daisy Does, I'm Yer Dude, Eyes Like Diamonds, Running A Country With Scissors, You Three Times, Goodnight Streetlight, Slow Train Coming, The Crown
Covers: Bob Dylan - Outlaw Blues
Neil Young- Heart of Gold
The Velvet Underground- Sweet Jane
The Grateful Dead- Sugaree
Sets last between thirty to sixty minutes.