Neighbors' Acres

Neighbors' Acres

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

So, you toss equal parts John Hiatt, Elvis Costello, Frank Zappa, and the Allman Brothers into a smokin' brew of corn liquor soaked bluegrass jams. What do you get? Well, Neighbors' Acres and one hell of a good time!!!


There isn't much that is more refreshing than a new band that uses their music to celebrate the traditions of their past while adapting them into an exploration of contemporary and progressive styles. Neighbors' Acres is one of those refreshing new bands.

Neighbors' Acres is a seven piece outfit soaked in bluegrass standards and flavored with just about any other style you can imagine. Their arsenal of covers can range from traditional rollicking bluegrass numbers, funky r&b tunes (ala Morris day and Outkast, etc.), the southern blues rock drive of bands such as the Allman Brothers or John Hiatt, or even the rare spot-on Elvis Costello crowd pleaser that drops in out of left field. Either way, this extensive catalog teams up quite well with a list of originals that are even more impressive. There will never be any lack of diverse music that is guaranteed to please a crowd that is just as diverse.

The earliest incarnations of Neighbors' Acres began in the living rooms of Brandon Driggers (banjo), Ron Fasick (mandolin), and Lucas Rosin (guitar) as jam sessions including fellow Winthrop University musicians Tom McClellan (guitar) and Patrick Allen (drums/percussion). The addition of Brett Nelson (bass) and Jason Poore (fiddle/guitar), later that year, helped to perfect the sound that Neighbors' Acres had been working to create.

While they may be a relatively new band, these guys are quickly becoming regular fixtures on the South-Eastern festival and bar scene. Their hard work and talent has allowed them to share the stage with such acts as Doc Watson, Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, Barefoot Manner, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, Barney Barnwell and the Plum Hollow Band, Kevn Kinney, The Kruger Brothers, and many others. Most recently, they were allowed the honor of releasing their debut album under the well known regional label, Little King Records. (This seemed only natural considering most of Neighbors' Acres biggest influences found their first home with the Little King, Steve Metcalf) The self titled release was recorded at Flying Eye Pro Studios with engineer and producer Chris Mitchell, former engineer for Acoustic Syndicate and currently working with artists such as Old Crow Medicine Show and Mickey Hart's Rhythm Devils.

So, now that you've heard the name, keep your eyes and your ears open. Neighbors' Acres will be making their way to a venue near you very soon. Veteran fans, curious newcomers, barstool fixtures... it matters not. You are all bound to have one hell of a time at every Neighbors' Acres show you catch!!


Neighbors' Acres - Self Titled (available @ Itunes, CD Baby, and DigStation)

Set List

Neighbors’ Acres Songlist Examples – November (2007)

Where Did My Blues Go? (original – B. Driggers)
Spotlight (original – B. Driggers)
With the Grace of the Last (original – T. McClellan)
As If I Knew (original – T. McClellan)
Song for M (original – J. Poore)
Lowdown Sin (original – J. Poore)
Ballad of Highway 1 (original – B. Driggers)
When I’m With You – (original – J. Poore)
Slow Road (original – R. Fasick)
Troubled Mind (original – J. Poore)
Fenceposts (original – B. Driggers / R. Fasick)
Senseless (original – former bandmate W. Norwood)
Fast Man Little Country (original – J. Poore)
Ten Gallon Hat (original – J. Poore)
E. Street (original – J. Poore)

Salt Creek (Bill Monroe)
Eight More Miles to Louisville (Grandpa Jones)
Long Tall Texan (arrangement by Lyle Lovett)
Ethylene (John Hiatt)
Loser (Jerry Garcia / Robert Hunter)
Me and My Uncle (Bob Weir / John Perry Barlow)
Fire in the City (Peter Krug / as performed by the Grateful Dead)
Skippin’ in the Miss