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Neil Austin Imber

Friendswood, Texas, United States | INDIE

Friendswood, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Music Video Filmed In La Grange"

La Grange is playing the role of quaint small town in a new music video by country artist, Neil Austin Imber. A film crew was in and around La Grange Wednesday and Thursday shooting for the video, "It's Been A Few Years" a single which went to #26 on the New Music Weekly Country Charts. Imber was starring in the video along with Chanelle Klabunde, a former cheerleader on the Friday Night Lights television show, and actress Kelly Park. Wednesday the cast and crew was shooting James and Nita Tiemann's Blue Willow Famr. Thursday they were in downtown La Grange shotting at Schmidt's Jewelry and Latte on the Square. "It's basically about a girl I was in love with who leaves me and it takes a long time to get over", Imber, a 21 year-old from Friendswood, who has been writing songs since he was 13. The head of the production team, Mike Walters of HD Texas, said La Grange locales had a great "rural country look" and added the video wuld be ready for television and internet release within three months. - The Fayette County Record

"Review- Neil Austin Imber's Livin On Credit Workin For a Dime"

(Translated by Bing) Neil Austin Imber is no stranger to us. More than two years ago, mid-2008, surprised this when 19-year-old young Texan us with his first album "Roll The Dice". As we had is predicts the die remain roles and he presents to us today a very deserving successor "Livin' On Credit Workin' For A Dime", that roads of the country rock deepens even further.
Neil Austin Imber has everything to make it. His musical roots, who earlier in the rockscene layers in groups such as Led Zeppelin or U2, certainly inspired him in his excellent guitar playing and his voice is one of the thousand, that can compare to the vocals of Darius Rucker, lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish. He writes songs about matters that affect him in his daily existence and explains already in the opening song "Livin' On Credit Workin' For A Dime", with solid countryrockende guitar notes and the words "Waitin' For My Chance To Shine" his heart: this boy stands with both feet on the ground, not on one effort and has sat on top of modesty, patience. There is a lack of talent this Neil Austin Imber certainly not, but in the towing on electric guitars and sleurende ballad "Nobody Knows" play the future questions and doubts him tricks. Blessed sounds radio friendly and cheerful "it's Been A Few Years" as an immediate hit and singsong in the ears. Also the emotionally tinted countryballades, loaded with the correct exciting electric guitar nuts as in the sweeping sounding "Breaking Down" or the delicious dark, swampy guitars laced with "Travesty" fit like a glove, Neil. Restrained and yet powerful he comes for the day with childhood memories about love in the past with throbbing bass, screaming slide guitar and backing vocals opgeluisterde handsome "Slip Away". Full power may Imber also, because literally full of gas, with screeching tires and ripping southern rock sounds we fly direction "Hide Away", a wonderful song that pumps and pulls on dark-sounding guitars, a street where also on creeping dark "The Devil's Blue Eyes" in place that also let enjoy a State-of-the-art gitaarsolo work. If Topper's POPs a hearty New Orleans rocking "Full Blooded Texan" by the speakers, a number that live atmosphere certainly will be tasted.
Neil Austin Imber's rock influences driving in this magnificent "LIvin' On Credit Workin' For A Dime" more and more towards the top, but this is just his style and makes for a pleasant variety. For me it is certain: Hootie & The Blowfish has his Texan successor found.
Blowfish - Roots Time Belgium

"MMProductions- Featured Artist- Neil Austin Imber"

Neil Austin Imber is truly one of the most exciting new artists on the Texas music scene. His new CD "Livin' On Credit working for a dime" is an awesome follow-up to his debut entitled "Roll The Dice" released in 2008. Neil Austin Imber is a young man exuding wisdom far beyond his years, writing songs with an insight and maturity that some artists never attain. From the title track "Livin' On Credit workin' for a dime" to the radio friendly "It's Been A Few Years" and "Full Blooded Texan" Neil Austin Imber takes the listener on a roller coaster ride of insight and emotion with stories of Life Love and Lost Opportunity.

It's my understanding that Neil cut his teeth on rock. He spent countless hours listening to the music of U2 and Creed until he was persuaded by a girlfriend to explore country. He quickly developed a deep appreciation for the story telling and melodic qualities of Texas Country Music. Neil Austin Imber is deeply immersed in a genre' of music that he truly loves and is proceeding to sculpt a unique style of writing that could easily catapult him to stardom.

The talent in the Neil Austin Imber camp is not limited to impressive songwritlng and
showmanship, he also has a great record label behind him with a unique approach to CD packaging and media support. Championship Records is certainly a label for Country music fans to keep an eye on. I have personally seen Neil Austin Imber perform twice prior to the writing of this feature story. I first saw him playa solo song swap with another talented artist by the name of Bri Bagwell at a very popular venue in Houston Texas called The Firehouse Saloon. I then saw him with his full band at The Hideaway on Dunvale, also in Houston. His songwriting and musicianship were equally impressive on both nights. Neil Austin Imber is truly one of the most exciting new artists on the Texas music scene and well worth the price of admission.
By Chris Harkness for MM55productions Friday, January 14, 2011 - Chris Harkness for No Depression

"#26 New Music Weekly"

Neil Austin Imber's single, It's Been A Few Years #26 on Main Country Chart according to New Music Weekly for the week of June 26, 2010 - New Music Weekly

"2009 ISSA Song Contest - Honorable Mention"

Honorable Mention - ISSA

"Best Melody, Best Mood"

Best Melody, Best Mood for the Week of April 28, 2008 for the song, Find Peace Again

- Garageband

"Now playing Neil's music or reviews..."

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"Track of the Day"

Track of the Day

Also: for the week of April 7

Best guitars, best production - Garage Band

"For My Song Cruel Charade"

nice job
Production is excellent. Drums sound great. Bass could come up a little. Gtrs and pedal steel sound great. Vocals are perfect for this. Sounds like a modern country radio hit. Would probably put it in that category. Good country song overall.
Reviewed by: LIGHTNINGHAND from Sacramento, California

Loved it!
I really enjoyed the singer's voice. It's a good middle of the road, mellow sounding voice.

The production value of this song is very good.

The harmonies were well done.

I loved the pedal steel!

I must also mention the lead guitar parts were tastefully done.

There's not much to criticize. Great job!
Reviewed by: bfmadder from Belton, South Carolina

Saturday night whiskey fueled country
If I walked into a bar and this band was playing this song, it would be enough to keep me there to listen to more of their music. Foot tapping beat, clear vocals, solid guitar.... a tight sound.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production.

- Stoogie
Neenah, Wisconsin
April 19th, 2008 - Garage Band Reviewers

"For My Song Fly Away"

Signature Review Mood!
Intro had an interesting percussion sound to it...can't really identify it yet. Held my interest to see what would happen.

The lead vocal was rich in tone and quality, and sounded like some of the 80's rock ballads (only clear and clean). I liked it a lot.

I really liked each build into the chorus. The more I hear of this song, the more I really am appreciating the feel.

Excellent electric guitar, especially in the fills.

The mood was set from the first note, and was consistent throught the piece...oozing with a southern rocking tune.

Extra points for mood!
Reviewed by: djmeca from Newmarket, New Hampshire

Signature Review Seeking solace and freedom
I like the guitar cords and interrelations between the instruments (the arrangement I guess is the word I'm looking for). THe lyrics are really good. It make me want to set out on my own and do my own thing! This could be a theme song for:
a) Harley Davidson commercial
b) Retirement commercial
c) A movie about a man trying to find himself
d) A movie about a man that just came back from war

It's a really good song and quite inspirational!
Reviewed by: MackJones from Charlotte, North Carolina

- Garage Band Reviewers

"Interview Texas Hot Country Magazine"

...With the release of his new CD, Roll The Dice, recorded at Don Westmoreland's Limelight Recording Studio Don, a 57 year music industry veteran (singer-songwriter/musician/producer/engineer/music publisher), "Neil is a fabulous songwriter and singer. He's got one of the truest voices that I've ever heard. His pitch is next to perfect, and he's just got that charisma. That is what it takes. In my opinion, that's what made George Strait - his charisma. "And I feel like Neil has that charisma". (For the full page article see photos in the epk) - Leon Beck

"Local Singer Rolls Dice With Tour"

A 19 year old Friendswood singer and songwriter has taken his show on the road to promote a new CD. Neil Austin Imber will play at Stubbie's Original Saloon in Alvin on Saturday, Feb. 7. Imber will headline at the 21 and over bar. ....Imber is currently touring the local area to promote his debut CD "Roll The Dice"...... (see photo section for copy of press) - Friendswood Reporter News

"Featured Artist IAMA Contest 2009"

"Neil Austin Imber's alternative acoustic style delivers with his husky tenor vocals and acoustic guitar playing in songs such as "The Devil's Blue Eye's", which has a hint of influence from Stone Temple Pilots. "Travesty" shows a fingerpicking side of Neil and a catchy chorus. The songs suit him and he has a lot of potential and room to improve." - International Acoustic Music Awards

"July Issue Texas Hot Country Magazine"

pg. 5 full page article - With the release of his new CD, Roll the Dice, recorded at Don Westmoreland's Limelight Recording Studio in Dickinson, Neil's making tracks in that direction. Says, Don, a 57-year music industry veteran (singer/songwriter/musician/producer/engineer/music publisher), "Neil is a fabulous songwriter and singer. He's got one of the truest voices that I've ever heard. His pitch is next to perfect, and he's just got charisma. That is what it takes. In my opinion, that's what made George Strait -- his charisma. "And I feel like Neil has that charisma". - Leon Beck


HD Texas Productions recently completed a very engaging, full-length music video of Neil Austin Imber's single, It's Been A Few Years filmed on location in La Grange, TX and Houston's Firehouse Saloon. (see video tab)

Neil recently released his second CD called Livin' On Credit Workin For A Dime. Recorded at HillTrax Studio by Billy Hillman this CD is set to rock!!!!

Neil completed an 11 song CD called "Roll The Dice" recorded at Limelight Studio in Dickinson, TX. Mastered by Masterfonics, Nashville, TN. in July 2008.



Neil grew up on rock and roll. He broke U2's "Rattle and Hum" video watching it so many times, he had to buy another. After a girlfriend turned him onto country, he found his nitch. Neil has rock and roll roots and a country soul. He was a featured artist for the International Acoustic Music Award Contest. Neil's acoustic shows reveal the power of his songwriting and bring you up close and personal with this incredible singer-songwriter. Neil's professional band is available for shows requiring a full band.