neil bradley owen

neil bradley owen

 Hurricane, Utah, USA

Picture this... Guitars, Harp, Dobro, old rustic front porch... Folks playing & singing songs about what makes life worth living... Feel good music... Bluesy, soul/folk with that earthy, rootsy, undertone of those warm acoustic instruments...& oh that Voice...that's neil bradley owen music...


neil bradley owen

Recent Winner of the 15th Annual Telluride Blue's Festival's-Solo Acoustic Blues Competition. Also winner of the Founder's Folk & Bluegrass Festival 2006 Songwriter Showcase in Snowbird, Utah. Honorable Mention in the Folkfest Songwriter's Showcase at Lyons, Colorado.
With 2 well received Independently released CD's behind him, singer/songwriter- neil bradley owen, or “blue” as many of his close friends call him, seems to be on his way. A genuine, heartfelt, bluesy, singer/songwriter... Neil’s songs prove to be instantly memorable, with melodies and lyrics that speak to the heart......just picture if you will... a bunch of folks with guitars, harp, dobro, upright bass, sitting around on an old rustic front porch, playing and singing songs about what makes life worth living. Music that just makes you feel good. Bluesy, acoustic, soul/folk with that ever present rootsy,earthy undertone, of those warm acoustic instruments... and oh, that voice... that's Neil Bradley Owen music.
Award winning singer/songwriter- neil bradley owen, put out his first album in the early 90's, called "Just Blue."
After a move to Phoenix, songwriting began in earnest again, with a new emphasis on acoustic instruments and a bluesy soul/folk type of groove. "Front Porch Prose" was released in late 2004 with 11 originals. Think Muddy Waters meets Van Morrison... After a stint with the acoustic trio "The Bums" neil began focusing on a new solo project.
The latest release is "Peace & Harmony" (2007) - a 13 track album with 11 new neil bradley owen tunes, and 2 covers from the 60's- SuzieQ and For What It's Worth, the old Buffalo Springfield song. says neil- "this new record has a very live/studio type of feel, I love the instrument and vocal tones we were able to find". Produced by neil and producer/player Ryan Tilby, you won't want to miss this bluesy new independent release.



Goin' Fishin'

Written By: neil bradley owen

- Goin’ Fishin

I’m goin fishin
Dug me some worms
I’m goin fishin
Dug me some worms
Never to old to try it baby
Never to young to learn

I’m gonna go down to the pond
I’m gonna sit down on a rock
gonna throw my line into the
Deepest darkest coldest spot

I’m gonna go down to the river
Gonna sit down on a stump
Gonna watch my bobber dip and dive
Gonna watch those fishes jump

Now fishin may seem crazy
You just sittin all day long
And they may not be biting
And when they do you may be gone
But ain’t nothing wrong with sittin
Long as you can find a seat
Cause sittin leads to thinking
And deep thinking leads to sleep
Sleepin leads to dreamin
And sweet dreams can bring you peace
And that’s why I go fishin
And that’s good enough for me

I’m gonna go down to the lake
Gonna sit down on a log
Gonna get re-acquainted
With Mother Nature and my dog

You Carried Me Today

Written By: neil bradley owen


I been lonely far to long
I been grieving on and on
I been feeling empty too
I been living everyday in the blues

I been hiding from your face
I been seeking a darker place
I keep losing every chance
I have buried my cold heart in the sand

Running blindly, through this worldly race
I believe sometimes I see glimpses of your face
And in that moment my burdens fade away
Yes I believe you carried me today

I just tumble through my life
Choosing wrong then choosing right
I can feel there’s something more
Why can’t my hands ever find that door
I want more

How Long Can the Mekong Delta Last?

Written By: neil bradley owen

5- How Long Can the Mekong Delta Last

I was only 16 then
I guess I never really understood
But I still remember when the evening news
Would shake my neighborhood

He said- “52 died today”
As my mother’s eyes turned to glass
“52 died today...How long can the Mekong Delta Last ?"

Just a plane’s day away
But to me, Saigon was another world
Spent my time racing cars, playing guitars, and chasing any girl

Then coming home from school
I hear the Radio man; you know he talks so fast
He said - “52 died today...How long can the Mekong Delta Last ?"

Well I’m older now oh, and my stomach turns when I hear them stories told
About our boys comin' home without the banners flying or even a "Welcome Home Son"

Cause I remember every night “Cronkite”
Wearing his TV mask
He said- “52 died today...How long can the Mekong Delta Last ?

Shame Shame Shame

Written By: neil bradley owen


I don’t know what’s buzzin' in this town
But what it is, is bound to get me down
Good ole boys on the hill wanna talk and have a meeting
All I hear at those are more sheep bleating

Is it right, or is it wrong
Did you think this acting tough would ever take so long…

It’s a shame, shame, shame, shame, shame
So many fat cats on the hill we can point our finger at and blame
Seems to be the nature of this political game we play these days
And it’s a shame, shame, shame

I guess I realized today they’re acting true to form
And I don’t believe anything they tell me anymore
Can you give me a reason that rings true
Why we keep on doing the, doing the, doing the things we do

It’s a shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame
So many bureaucrats we can point our finger at and blame
Seems to be the nature of this political game we play these days
And it’s a shame, shame, shame, we oughta be ashamed

Desert Home

Written By: neil bradley owen


Sun-baked lands in a lazy haze
Hot dry country, think you know the place
Sky so big it can blow you away
And I’m goin’ back to my Desert Home

Ain’t no trees, ain’t no water there
Can’t get shade from a prickly pear
Don’t know why my fathers settled there
But I’m goin back to my Desert Home

Canyons and Arches, red rocks as far as you can see
Hogans and Mesas, just no place I’d rather be
Oh…my Desert Home

I may wander from coast to coast
I may jump trains and sail boats
But when I dream at night the place I go the most
Is back to my own Desert Home

Honeysuckle Love

Written By: neil bradley owen


Clinging to that feeling, like a tender vine
Holding on to young love, with all your might
Doin every little thing you know she likes
Letting go when you know you’re right…Honeysuckle Love

And it’s a sweet, sweet thing
Honeysuckle Love
It’s a blessing raining down from above
Oh sweet thing… Honeysuckle Love

Soft and fragile, like a turtle dove
Shines and shimmers, like a new star up above
Gentle and coaxing, smooth, never rough
Once you taste it, you’ll never get enough…Honeysuckle Love

Train to Catch This Morning

Written By: neil bradley owen

11- Train to Catch This Morning

Train’s leaving soon; I’m looking for a ride
After all this time together, I won’t be by your side
Leaving you alone now, how can that be right?

Everybody tells me, I’ll find a better place
Where everybody tells me “the pain is all erased”
But how can it be better, when I can’t see your face?

It’s a gray and cloudy morning, April in the Rain
Looking out my window, I see a trace of May
Summer’s coming for me; I can feel it on the wind
Soon my ride will be here, I’m going home again
Got a Train to catch this morning
Train to catch this morning
And Soon… I’ll be on my way…

Everything that matters, seems I’ll leave behind
My lifetime companion, and all those precious times
But all the love and laughter, will always be mine

The Train’s calling for me; it’s time for me to go
I'm Feelin' scared and lonely, but theres one thing I know
Jesus will be waiting to welcome me back home.

Waters of My Lord

Written By: neil bradley owen


Take me down to the river
Down to that sacred shore
Take me down to the river
Down to that sacred shore
Immerse me in that water, wash away my sins
In the waters of my Lord

Take me down to the courtyard
Maybe I can hear Him speak
Take me down to the courtyard
Maybe I can hear Him speak
Lead me to the Temple, help me find my way
I want to hear the Master teach

His Words are Living Water, they cool my fevered brow
Oh that Living Water, is cleansing me somehow

Take me to the Master
Maybe then these old eyes could finally see
Take me to the Master
maybe then these eyes could finally see
Lord I Believe, help mine unbelief
Then lay your hands on me

I Don't Feel A Thing

Written By: neil bradley owen

6- I Don’t Feel a Thing

You know it’s funny
But I don’t feel a thing
When I was with you before
The bells they used to ring
But they’re gone now
And it’s silent here
And the birds no longer sing
And it’s funny
Cause I don’t feel a thing

You know it’s crazy
But I don’t miss you at all
And I used to say if I lost you
I never could go on
But I’m here now
And I’m all alone
And I’m not even climbing the walls
And it’s crazy
But I don’t miss you at all


"Just Blue"- Full length 12 tracks. released mid 90's.

"Front Porch Prose"- Full length 11 tracks. Released 2005.

"Peace & Harmony" Full Length 13 tracks. Released 2007

Set List

Can do 2 full sets of original material.