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Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
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"Neil Carswell: Good Man's Journey"

Neil Carswell: Good Man's Journey
By Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
Artist: Neil Carswell
Title: Good Man’s Journey
Genre: Southern Rock-Blues

Neil Carswell has shed his skin from the days of his band Copperhead like a Cobra ready to mesmerize old and new fans alike. Good Man’s Journey is a great southern blues-rock album in the tradition of the Allman Brothers and bands that
make similar music.

Carswell has that roughly hewn southern whiskey vocal style that makes all the words come across with maximum impact. I mean you can really ‘feel’ it when he sings. He has a little help from his friends too. Johnny Neel (keyboards, Allman
Bros.), Barry Goudreau (guitar, Boston), Stu Kimball (guitar, Bob Dylan), and Chris Anderson (guitar, The Outlaws), lend
their experience and tasteful playing to the mix. If you look at the all people involved, they have the necessary background,
styles, and resumes to help Neil perfect this recording. Carswell and Anderson also combined their efforts to produce the

“The Cain Preacher” kick starts the proceedings with some scorching blues-rock guitar courtesy of Goudreau, with
Carswell belting out the lyrics as if he held every word dear to his heart. It all should come across that way when you are
playing deep down southern blues-rock. This release is different from Carswell’s previous work, it is more down to earth,
bluesy, and richly colored with some slower grooves, although it does have its share of rockin’ moments too. What it all
boils down to is this- if you love the blues and southern rock, this CD is for you.

Some of the more emotional and meaningful tracks that struck a chord in my heart were “Poor Side Of The Tracks” and
“Never Been Born.” For a heavy dose of reality and a taste of the cards dealt unfairly at times in life, “Poor Side Of The
Tracks” cuts right to the bone. “Never Been Born,” is a heart-wrenching track about Mom and her struggles to teach you
right from wrong while you are growing up. That was one hell of closer for my ears; it got right in the crosshairs of my
feelings and thoughts and hung on tight from beginning to end. It always helps when it is all backed by some incredibly
good music and a vocalist that knows how to delivery the goods.

Neil Carswell is man with many talents musically, but his ability to sing a song that you will never forget is a gift from the
gods that anyone with an ounce of soul and feeling could understand. Good Man’s Journey has been one of the highlights
of 2006 for me. Growing up on classic rock helped me to zone in on this music and artists like this are a reminder of what it
used to sound like.

August 14, 2006
Johnny Neel: Keyboards
Barry Goudreau: Guitar
Stu Kimball: Guitar
Chris Anderson: Guitar
01. The Cain Preacher (5:35)
02. Good Man’s Journey (3:40)
03. Ruby Jane (5:41)
04. Glasses Of Wine (3:53)
05. Righteous Side (5:15)
06. Edge Of The Green (3:32)
07. Poor Side Of The Tracks (4:30)
08. Walking Out On You (4:43)
09. Malibu Days (4:13)
10. Never Been Born (5:18)
- Music Dish

"Neil Carswell"

Neil Carswell - Good Man’s Journey
(East Winds Records– 2006)

Solo album from the frontman of Southern Rock band ‘Copperhead’ and draws you to his attention from the start with ‘The Cain Preacher’ and keeps you there throughout with his real life stories about livin’ in the South. There’s special
guests on the album too – Barry Goudreau (Boston); Johnny Neel (The Allman Brothers); Stu Kimball (The Bob Dylan Band) & Chris Anderson (The Outlaws) that make it all that bit more special.

The material appears more laid back and autobiographical than what I have heard on the Copperhead ‘Live & Lost’ CD – a good example being the beautiful ‘Righteous Side of Life’ that’s got Gospel and country aspects running in the song and ‘Never Been Born’ about his childhood with his mum and dad when he lived on a farm.

Love the close to the bone ‘Edge of the Green’ – Daddy won’t ya spare me a little change – what a song man, what a song !! – a real epic of a number as is ‘Malibu days’ with its crackin’ bit of organ playing.

Check him out via

By Glenn Milligan - Metalliville

"Copperhead is Alive"

Artist: Copperhead
Title: Live & Lost
Genre: Rock
Label: Eastwinds Records

Copperhead was one of last hard-edged southern rock bands to leave its mark. They remain a popular band and people still want to hear their music. Why wouldn’t you want to listen to this great music? Its totally kick ass free spirited rock with a southern flair and energy to spare.

Live & Lost is a combination of live recordings, actually a live EP they never finished when the band was under contract with Polygram early in their career, and studio cuts that never saw the light of day. Well thanks to vocalist/lead guitar man Neil Carswell, this great music has been unearthed and released for all of the old faithful, and surely an entirely new legion of fans everywhere. They just won over another fan right here.

The power and energy never lets up once on this CD and that is one of the main reasons I love it so much. Firstly, I have always loved southern rock like Skynrd, Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, all the bands that made a name for themselves during the peak years of the 70s and early 80s. Well, Cooperhead happened after the fact; they started in 1986 and toured like maniacs for five years- thus the reference to the last of the great southern rock bands. Touring always pays off, it is the best form of PR you could possible hope for.

The tracks that knocked my socks off were "Whiskey Mama," "Raging Fire," and "Voices In The Night." Swept away by this music, I felt compelled to tell Neil Carswell how I felt. When I got to the ninth track, I was ready to burst, so I got on the phone to speak to Neil. He proceeded to give me the short version of the Copperhead legacy. There were many well-known people involved in this album besides the original lineup (see additional personnel).

This CD is a real gem; there is not one dinger on it. Every track is rockin’ hard with incredibly authoritative and cutting guitar leads courtesy of Carswell and band mate Jon Byrd. Carswell’s voice is perfect for this music, he is right out front, in command of the floor, rising above the screaming guitars and potent rhythm section of Tony Hawkins (bass) and Eric Suttlemyre (drums). In addition to that barrage of your senses, the superb keyboard work of Brad Durden gives it all that extra flavor and depth to complete the full meaty sound, complimenting Carswell’s voice on hard driving tracks like "Hard Living" and the moodier cuts with tasteful guitar licks like "Voices In The Night." This band had one hell of a power packed punch and that makes Live & Lost a newly found and treasured piece of rock history worth having.

© Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck-

December 9, 2005

01. Stricken
02. Get Out Of My Way
03. Hard Living (Live)
04. Born Loser (Live)
05. Whiskey (Live)
06. Keepin' On (Live)
07. Drift Away
08. Whiskey Mama
09. Raging Fire
10. I'll Get By
11. Free Man
12. Voices In The Night



Neil Carswell - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Jon Byrd - Lead Guitar
Brad Durden - Keyboards
Tony Hawkins - Bass
Eric Suttlemyre – Drums

Additional personnel:
Joe Hardy - acoustic guitar
Rodney Mills - background vocals
- Music Dish

"Keep You Guessing"

As a member of the southern rock band Cooperhead, Neil Carswell was bringing true southern rock to the forefront. Now as a solo artist he is set to continue his efforts to do just that with his album “Keep You Guessing.” The obvious comparisons to Bob Segar are evident the minute you hit play and lead single “Bright Lights” brings you into the album. However as you continue to dive further in you see a different side to Neil Carswell begin to shine through as the album takes on a slower paced feel.

Tracks like “Every Sad Song” and “Since I Met You,” let’s you take a journey with Carswell deep into his heart as he sings about the love that his wife has shown to him and how she has made his life complete. But he does show that rocker side of his music that initially grabbed you later in the album as well with cuts like the boot stomping “Carolina Line.” Though there are a lot of modern bands out there now claiming to be southern rock influenced it seems as if they are putting a modern spin on their brand of southern rock. Carswell does just the opposite with “Keep You Guessing.” He isn’t out to reinvent the wheel or put a spin on what southern rock is and was, but rather he embraces his influences and brings them to the forefront. By never straying away from the original sound of the genre this album becomes a refreshing and easy one to listen to for you true southern rockers out there. - Today's Country Magazine

"Bright Lights"

A typical question that tends to come up in any circle these days is what is country music right now anyhow? A very good question that allows us as listeners to really define what it is. Southern rock has fused its way into the mix over the years and created its own little sub-genre, as has a more classic rock sound. Neil Carswell has easily found his way into that sub-genre category with his single “Bright Lights,” a cut from his album “Keep You Guessing.”

With a Bob Segar feel not only to his music but also in his voice, Carswell sings the lyric about leaving home to follow those bright lights of the city and the places along the way that he sees on his journey like Graceland, Mississippi, Nashville, etc… but also he reflects in the chorus about how those lights take him far from home but wraps it all up with a hook that states “Ain’t ever seen a bright light that’s worth leavin’ home.” The song itself presents Carswell’s vocal abilities in the forefront, but never holds back on allowing a shredding guitar riff to cut through the song and take center stage pulling your through the verses and into the chorus. With the fusion of genres coming together and all being lumped into the “country” music category a lot of good albums and great songs tend to get overlooked by the industry, however Carswell’s sound offers something familiar that isn’t necessarily out to reinvent the wheel but rather embrace the sounds and artists that act as his influence and run with it which may help him gain attention. - Today's Country Magazine

"Altar Call"

Wow, what a song! By now everyone knows of my weakness for hard driving country music, and this song is just that – part narrative and part singing, with exceptional production work along with a hook that would get even the toughest country listeners attention this song is sure to deliver with a sound that should be heard more in Christian Country music. - Christian Music Weekly

"Neil Carswell 4 Stars"

In the liner notes to Good Man's Journey, Neil Carswell writes that his music combines
"a heavy-metal approach with a back-porch vibe." I couldn't have described the man's
down-home sound better myself. He also explores plenty of barely repressed pain and
remorse in these 10 songs that sound a lot like latter-day Lynyrd Skynyrd in a nostalgic
mood. Via songs about his childhood ("The Cain Preacher"), sobering up ("Ruby Jane"),
pining for times long gone ("Malibu Days"), unspoken love between he and his parents
("Never Been Born") and even his old band, Polygram recording artists Copperhead
("Righteous Side"), Carswell wears his heavy heart on his beefy biceps – melding classic
rock and southern soul with admirable grit and honesty. Along the way, the
singer/guitarist is joined by buddies like Barry Goudreau
(Boston), Johnny Neel (The Allman Brothers Band) and Stu Kimball (Peter Wolf). This
is one of those albums from which you won't expect much – just take a look at the
unfortunate cover – but Carswell emerges from this good man's journey scarred and
triumphant. So will
listeners. - Michael Popke, Sea of Tranquility -- review 4 stars! - Sea of Tranquillity

"Good Man's Journey"

He (Neil Carswell) has the kind of power in his voice that brings to mind Gregg Allman, Jon Bon Jovi, and Travis Tritt. He has the blues when he wants to (and when he doesn't want it), but can sing like a good ol' country boy who loves the outdoors, and he can rock things up. The album is well recorded, and while he could fit in with the jamband crowds, he could also do extremely well in the new country music scenes. I hope he takes on everyone and let's people know what he's about.
- Music For America

"Current Location of Radio Airplay"


Artist: Neil Carswell
Song: Bright Lights
Label: Aspirion
Date: 6/5/2009
Total Stations: 100
Stations Playing Single: 9
Stations Listening: 21
Stations Waiting On Room: 6
Stations With Consultants: 9

Artist: Neil Carswell
Date: 6/19/2009
Song: Bright Lights
Overview: There was one drop this week. It’s normal after a single has been out for more than 12 weeks for some stations to want to back off. However, we did have one add as well. We are nearing 16 weeks on this record. It seems this single may have peaked at 114 stations, however for now we are holding steady and will continue to try to do so for the next couple of weeks.

Music Row Charts
"Bright Lights" / Neil Carswell
Label: Aspirion
Cumulative Weeks on Chart: 15
Cumulative Spins: 348
Highest Position Charted 115

Music Row Breakout Chart Week 25.
Neil Carswell/Bright Lights
3 Weeks on chart
119 Last Week
115 This Week
54 Spins/Rprts

To see full list go to:
- Reporting Stations

"Keep You Guessing"

Well it has been a long time Neil, where have you been the last three years? The answer is right here on this CD all tied up in the words and music.

Carswell sings the blues about going to hell and back and then the switch to becoming a repentant soul to answer for his sins. And thankfully for all of us listeners, he rocks with country blues oozing out of his pores, like a man born to pick up a six-string and tell his story.
Carswell does it again and makes the long wait worthwhile on Keep You Guessing. Neil keeps good company again in studio with a roster graced with incredible talent including Stu Kimball (producer, guitarist), Chris Anderson (guitarist, The Outlaws and Blackhawk), Johnny Neil (keyboards, The Allman Brothers and Govt. Mule), Larry Campbell (multi-instrumentalist, guitarist for Levon Helm), Don Herron (multi-instrumentalist, Bob Dylan and BR549) Judd Fuller (bassist, Rodney Atkins), Kevin Rapillo (drummer, Rodney Atkins) Barry Goudreau (Grammy winning Guitarist, Boston) as well as Victor Krauss (bassist), Mike Levesque (drums) and Kim Keyes (vocalist).
Not a bad roll call and certainly every one of these great musicians compliment Neil’s country-blues drenched vocals. To pick any particular track as one that stands above the rest almost seems unfair as all 15 tracks seem to fall together into one story that is genuinely from the very essence of his soul backed with some smokin’ blues-country-rock that only Neil Carswell can set up right and do it justice. There is a good balance of acoustic picking, electric licks, and slide to satisfy anyone’s musical palette.
I have to mention a few favorites anyway, “Gypsy Lady”, the title track and ”Since I Meet You” caught my ear and made me understand the man behind the music a bit more. That is the whole point and once you hear it you will find meaning in the music and perhaps a better perspective of what holds true in your own life.
Neil Carswell keeps on keepin’ on “Till the Blues Come In” and set him off on another trail that leads to the bastards and bitches he runs into during his journey that influence his thought process and choices (as he explains in his liner notes) then he is back in the studio cutting a classic rendering of true life like Keep You Guessing.
4/5 Stars
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
April 24, 2009
- Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck


Neil Carswell, "Keep You Guessing"
01. Bright Lights
02. Gypsy Lady
03. Every Sad Song
04. She
05. Keep You Guessing
06. Since I Met You
07. Till the Blues Come In
08. Time to Think
09. Noting Left to Lose
10. Roll On
11. Carolina Line
12. Big Sky
13. South Wind
14. Temporary Relief
15. Altar Call

Neil Carswell, "Good Man's Journey"
01. The Cain Preacher
02. Good Man’s Journey
03. Ruby Jane
04. Glasses Of Wine
05. Righteous Side
06. Edge Of The Green
07. Poor Side Of The Tracks
08. Walking Out On You
09. Malibu Days
10. Never Been Born

Copperhead (self titled)
1. Busted
2. Whiskey
3. Scar, The
4. Brown's Gold
5. Where Will I Be
6. Keepin' On
7. Highway
8. Hard Livin'
9. Lazy Days
10. Not My Tear
11. Born Loser
12. Long Way From Home

Copperhead "Live and Lost"
01. Stricken
02. Get Out Of My Way
03. Hard Living (Live)
04. Born Loser (Live)
05. Whiskey (Live)
06. Keepin' On (Live)
07. Drift Away
08. Whiskey Mama
09. Raging Fire
10. I'll Get By
11. Free Man
12. Voices In The Night

"Altar Call" and "Bright Lights" are currently being played on Country Radio Stations. See PRESS section for current location of radio airplay.

Neil Carswell's "Good Man's Journey" and the Copperhead CDs are being played on the following radio stations:

- WZLX in Boston
- Olive's Brain Indie Radio
- Munich's Hardest Hits
- Broadcast Asylum (live interviewed archived here)
- Classic Replay
- Brainwave Radio
- All Southern Rock
- Radio Indy
- iSound



Neil Carswell, the singer well-known as the former front man of the band “Copperhead” has just completed an epic album entitled "Keep You Guessing" just released on Aspirion Records. Accomplished both on stage and in the studio, Neil’s career includes national touring and the release of the 1992 Copperhead album for PolyGram/Mercury records produced by legendary producer, the late Tom Dowd. Although Copperhead had major national success, it disbanded in 1995. Fans of the hard rockin’ southern band still follow Neil's career and will be pleasantly surprised at the metamorphosis of this artist.

Neil was raised on the music of his many relatives in North Carolina who play bluegrass, old time Appalachian folk and Southern gospel music. He is influenced by a diverse group of legends, from John Lennon to The Band, Bob Dylan to Bob Seger, Johnny Cash to Waylon Jennings and, of course, Toy Caldwell and George McCorkle of the great Marshall Tucker Band, to the VanZants, and songwriters of great such as, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Billy Joe Shaver, Carole King and Van Morrison to name a few. Neil has spent the better part of ten years slowly cultivating his new direction, writing and recording songs here in Nashville with some of Nashville’s top row writers culminating a vast catalog of songs in the completion of his debut solo album “Keep You Guessing”. Although a seasoned co writer , the beauty of this debut record brings home the fact that most all the works are self penned by Neil , soul writes of struggles and strength gained throughout years of travels and tours around the globe and back. In fact only two writes are made mention on the record in co writing; Stu Kimball and Chris Anderson, who also were involved in playing and the production of the record along with one great rendition of a Graham Parson’s song, “She,” a must hear for the true music lover, transcending the so loved soul of Memphis to the roots of the Smoky Mountains where Neil was born and raised as a child.

A record for the ages, “Keep You Guessing” was produced by Stu Kimball (Dylan guitarist), Phil Greene, and Neil Carswell. The record showcases Neil's strong, melodic voice and heartfelt song writing backed by a powerfully diverse group of musicians and singers, and top-notch production. Mixed by Ben Fowler and mastered by Richard Dodd, “Keep You Guessing” is a World-class record of substance with enormous crossover potential.

The roster of well-known players on the record include: Stu Kimball (producer, guitarist), Chris Anderson (guitarist, The Outlaws and Blackhawk), Johnny Neil (keyboards, The Allman Brothers and Govt. Mule), Larry Campbell (multi-instrumentalist, guitarist for Levon Helm), Don Herron (multi-instrumentalist, Bob Dylan and BR549) Judd Fuller (bassist, Rodney Atkins), Kevin Rapillo (drummer, Rodney Atkins) Barry Goudreau (Grammy winning Guitarist, Boston) as well as Victor Krauss (bassist), Mike Levesque (drums) and Kim Keyes (vocalist).

Neil Carswell now lives in Nashville, TN, and is looking forward to starting up his next tour of this record and many classics from the Copperhead days in touching fans with a song, where the art radio all began.