Neil Curran

Neil Curran

 Austin, Texas, USA

Following in the footsteps of fellow countryman, Billy Bragg, Curran brings a punk rock sensibility and intelligent lyrics to the balladeering tradition.


Neil Curran earned his rock 'n' roll chops as lead singer and main songwriter for Austin punk band, the Dead End Cruisers, putting out endless singles and two albums with TKO Records. His lastest band project, The Score has two songs coming out in an upcoming indie film called Nesting, hopefully premiering at SxSw Film 2011. He has had (and lost) a TV contract with TLC based around his band and personal life and is currently working on a second novel (while in negotiations for the first, "Soundtrack") and solo career.


Dead End Cruisers The suave...EP Up Yours Records 1995
Dead End Cruisers split Unity squad Records 1996
Dead End Cruisers Deep six Holiday LP TKO Records 1997
Dead End Cruisers Friday Nights EP TKO Records 1997
DEC Who's Who single Scooch Pooch/ Sub Pop 1998
Dead End Cruisers Field Operations EP TKO Records 1998
DEC Patron Saints of Wheles Lane LP Unity squad Records 2000
DEC Punk Rock Double feature split Unity Squad Records 2000
The Score sountrack to Diary of a Flip (TLC) show
The Score Transit Vans To Jets and Round Two- film Nesting 2011