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I'm a songwriter just outside of Nashville. I also own and run a music production company offering song demos, jingles, on-hold messages, and marketing CDs. My website is

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Girls Gone Wild

Written By: Neil Ebanks

Girls Gone Wild

Spring Break. Fort Lauderdale.
By tomorrow, I won't be so pale.
Coppertone lyin' in the sand.
And the boys are looking pretty good.

Mama said, "Girl, watch yourself.
Be sensible. Respectable.
And don't do anything I wouldn't do"

Two beers, and I'm feeling tipsy.
Long island makin' me dizzy.
Three shots at a quarter to midnight.
Gonna show everybody my headlights.

Girls Gone Wild - Mama didn't raise me to be a freak.
Girls Gone Wild - Hope my Daddy never sees the DVD
I can't erase that crazy night - Now my picture's on a bunch of websites.
No class, No Style - We're just girls gone wild.

Next day - Headache.
Guess I let myself get carried away.
That’s it. I'm done.
Until my friends start saying that I'm no fun.
Why let one bad night, get me down, I can turn it around.
I'll just take it easy tonight.

but then.,,

(repeat chorus)

Tomorrow, I'll be back for class startin’.
I may as well hit the party just one last time!

(repeat chorus)

Neil Ebanks (BMI)
© 2008


I wrote The Moron Song, which aired on Coast 97.3 in S. Florida for 6 months. Others can be found on Just search "Neil Ebanks". Recent demo work can be heard at