Living the 21st century acoustic style. We perform acoustic/jazz/blues/folk musical pieces written by Neil Erua himself. We play regularly all around London. In the last six months have gained reputation on the scene and looking forward too hitting bigger crowds.


Long Story short…
Neil Erua’s nomadic upbringing has taken him from France, to the USA, Vietnam and now he has settled in London, where he continues to perform and compose his electroacoustic ditties.
"Home is where the music is"
At home, his father listened to Jazz, Blues sprinkled with a touch of Bluegrass. Growing up on rhythms by John Coltrane, BB King, Steve Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Hank Williams, Otis Redding and Bob Dylan. His mother was more orientated around French variety music, singing tunes from Julien Clerc, Jacques Brel, Barbara et Daniel Balavoine. The first CD Neil bought with his own pocket money was « Sold Out » de Tower Of Power (1995) quickly followed by the album « Conversin’ with the Elders » by James Carter (1996). After that Neil was officially hooked to music and developed an eclectic taste in music.


Italy tour demo CD
Half A Year - 2010

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Set List

Carry On
Sad Song
Camden Town
You Are Not Here
Weather Man Riddle
Jose's Fire
Walking In Tunnels
Atilla Zoller
Rum Gin Vodka
Country Short
French Jazz Song