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Neil McWilliam


"Neil McWilliam is an extremely talented song writer and guitar player..."


I've been writing music since I was 10 years old and I enjoy everything about it. I've taken it upon myself to build up recording equipment and I've written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered my latest material that is posted on Sonicbids. I am now 21 years old and live in New Brunswick, Canada.

The latest material will be released on my new album set to come out in 2 months. I hope you enjoy the new tunes.

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So We Meet Again

Written By: Neil McWilliam

so we meet again under the moonlight so noone can see us talk.
i've got so much to say to you but there's so little time.
i guess we're all growing up because that's the adult thing to do.
but I just want to keep keeping my eye on you

the more i think things get harder and harder to do.
the more i do i keep falling in love with you so i stop.

we're both singing at the top of our lungs like it's an entertainment show but this means so much more than words can understand

so i hope we can meet again sometime soon.
only you can stop the world from turning round.
sometimes there's too much madness in this goddamn world.
and i just want to keep keeping my eye on you.



"Like The Angels In My Eyes" DEMO
"The Boy With No Face And No Sound" CD

Set List

The setlist depends on the mood that I'm in. Lately I've been learning a lot of Jack Johnson stuff and I love to play Alice in Chains tunes, but of course I play all of my tunes which will run how ever long you want it to run...