Neil Sattin

Neil Sattin

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Neil Sattin plays music for children that's funny, energetic, and very entertaining for adults as well. His live show incorporates sing-along, dancing, and much laughter.


Neil Sattin performs original songs with catchy melodies and wry humor that your entire family will love. He blends musicianship, comedy, and movement into an engaging performance that will have you singing, laughing, and dancing along. After studying music and education (among other things) in college, Neil went to clown school, subsequently apprenticing (as a clown) with internationally known Avner the Eccentric, on tour in Europe.

He always WANTED to write music for children (figuring that it'd be a fun thing to do), but it wasn't until his son Dash came along that he finally got the inspiration (and, perhaps, experience) necessary. Neil's goal is to make kids' music that's fun for kids (of course) - but especially kind to the ears of the parents who are going to (probably) be listening to the tunes again...and again...and again.

Neil is currently working on an album's worth of new material that will be released in mid-2008. Until then, he'll occasionally be posting demos here for your enjoyment.


Debut Album scheduled for release in mid-late 2008