Neil Shilansky

Neil Shilansky


Neil Shilansky is a performer and composer of contemporary and smooth jazz music. Neil also composes music for school concert band and jazz band.


Neil has freelanced as a sideman on jazz drums and jazz vibes the past 12 years, also playing a variety of styles of music including rock, show/musical theatre, and classical/orchestra.

Neil's original music is a blend of smooth and contemporary jazz, influenced by artists Pat Metheny, John Scofield, Keith Jarrett, Mike Stern, and groups such as the Yellowjackets. Some of his original and arranged jazz music incorporate a gospel style similar to music that Neil plays on organ and piano at a Baptist church in Hartford, CT.

In addition to a performing musician, Neil is a middle school band director at East Hampton Middle School in East Hampton, Connecticut.

Neil performs on vibraphone and drums in the Hartford, CT area, and when time permits, composes concert band, jazz band, and background music for TV and radio shows and commercials.

If you are interested in Neil’s music, check out his website

There you will find gig and booking information, and hear his latest musical projects.


Neil Shilansky's new CD: Something I Know

Self Released in 2006

To purchase visit

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Set List

One or Two 45 minute - 1 hour sets for larger concerts.

Three 45 minute sets for restaurants & jazz bars

Songs to include (both original and arrangements)

Original songs: Year Long, Without Regard, Gsus Saves, All Square, Something I Know, Out in Left Field, Cinders, Super Purple Aardvark, It's A Windy Bugger, S Dog Doesn't Scat, Nola for Ned

Covers: Alone Together, It Could Happen To You, Stella By Starlight, In Love in Vain, Bye Bye Blackbird, Have You Met Miss Jones, You Stepped Out of a Dream, Bluesette, One Note Samba, You Don't Know What Love Is, Here's That Rainy Day