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"Pure Amphetamine Punk"

The latest hotshots on the Parisian underground rock scene, the
big haired quartet Neimo, are as much style icons in the making
as they are future rock stars. They will have you swooning for
their leather jacket clad presence and frenzied guitar rifts. ‘From
Scratch’ screeches through 11 tracks of pure amphetamine
punk. We’re still reeling. - I-D Magazine

"Producing Tunes"

The great thing about dance music is that it’s given the rest of
Europe a chance to catch up with us Brits in terms of producing
decent tunes. Neimo’s fine effort leaves the punk funk scoreline
at Europe: 1, Britain: 0. - Itchy

"Never Let Up"

French synth-rockers Neimo’s debut album ‘From Scratch’ has
a frenetic pace, and refuses to let up. - Subba Cultcha

"See Them Live"

The four piece Parisian band Neimo has a sound that makes you want to see them live to capture the entire mood and atmosphere they have worked hard to do on the Paris underground circuit. - Out of Hand

"From Scratch"

Pulsing guitars, throbbing drums and humming synths provide a trip-inducing backdrop for singer Bruno’s barked vocals: a mixture of catchy, effective pop, arrogant, sensual rock and snarling punk. - Landsmag

"Sex Pistols and Depeche Mode"

‘From Scratch’ is a collection of eleven dirty pretty tracks, the kind of beauty-in-squalor vibe that makes them spiritual cousins to both the Sex Pistols and Depeche Mode, and the album is a
pretty effective collision of electro pulses and punkish guitars. It sits alongside homegrown acts like The Libertines and Little Man Tate in terms of sound, although in terms of rock’n’roll posturing they seem closer to US acts such as the Strokes and The
Ramones. - Crud Magazine

"Neimo rocks"

Neimo is everything you want them to be: cocky, brash, fashionable, raw, and loud. In other words, Neimo rocks.

C'est une annonce officielle; French band Neimo have invaded the USA to permanently brand our red blooded American shores with a singeing slice of fashionable, Euro-rock and roll. Supporting a debut record that captures the raging sound of the Parisian underground, the band recently played an array of delightfully manic sets in Paris, London, and Hamburg. Now Neimo bring the songs of “From Scratch” to New York for the first time.

Sharp, chic, and bubbling with enviable style, these boys look good under American lights. But with singer Bruno Alexandre filtering libertine schoolboy hormones through Camille Troillard’s shrewd guitar work, Matthieu Joly’s vivid keys, and Alexis Hadefi’s relentless synth-punk beats, it is safe to say they sound even better. - David Pitz
- Baeble Music,

"At the top of the resurgence of a new wave"

"Neimo is, amongst a few other bands, at the top of the resurgence of a new wave of (english singing) french indie rock bands. A phenomenon that started just a few years ago and is very reminiscent of what happened in the new york music scene around 2001. Alhough i left Paris in 1994, i can attest that mainstream France is not a country generally receptive to good rock and even less to independent rock, so to see this abundance of indie rock bands making some noise, self-releasing music, playing gigs throughout europe, and even making it here, is very exciting to say the least." - May 3, 2007



From Scratch (album, May 2005)
Hot Girl, single (airplay)



The guitar morphs under electronic impulses, machines expand the voice – the music immediately captures your attention. Catchy, effective pop and arrogant, sensual rock come together with a resolutely Anglo-Saxon benediction. Neïmo’s main goal is to stick to the essentials. Their compositions get right to the point: the song. Simplicity and success go hand in hand, which is why the group has met with growing success for the past two years on the underground and mainstream scenes, charming its fans in nightclubs and festivals.

To bottle up this onstage energy, they recorded From Scratch in just two days in a “live” setting. Then came the fine-tuning to heighten the intensity of the tracks. The arrangements, guitar solos and clever references sprinkled here and there only got better, reinforcing the identity of each song. The album features a variety of registers, moods and styles that crash together without clashing: from electronic pop to punk by way of new wave. Each track plays an essential role and not one note was left to chance. Neïmo is a group with high standards. This is also why the boys created their own label, Big Fields, to ensure the freedom of the group in terms of their music and approach.

In early 2005, From Scratch caught the attention of several radio stations, including Ouï FM, France Inter and Le Mouv’, which notably added their single “Hot Girl” to their playlists. In May, the album was re-released with two new tracks: “Fired Up” and “From Scratch”. Meanwhile, Neïmo continued its tour of France, opening for groups such as Grand National, Vive la Fete and Infadels and playing festivals (Rock En Seine, Paleo, Bar en Trans, etc.).

Making the most of their experiences and encounters with other musicians from the new rock scene, Bruno Alexandre (vocals), Camille Troillard (guitar), Matthieu Joly (keyboards) and Alexis Hadefi (drums) are now composing new songs and taking their vision to new levels. The proof is right on stage: as if evading the confines of the studio, the group pulls out all the stops in mind-blowing performances bursting with pure rock ’n’ roll. The new tracks have been tested live and show true development: the songwriting, in line with the group’s objectives, has taken on new maturity, the voice embraces the melodies more closely, while keyboards meld with the guitar riffs. With “The Hourglass”, “The Story Of Your Favourite Song” and “Carsick”, Neïmo expands its repertory with fulfilment, offering us a glimpse of a world that is richer and more personal than ever.