Tokyo, Tōkyō, JPN

The future of Japanese rock music is here! The Nekocats, with their powerful mix of rock and pop music is sure to delight music fans all over the world. Watch their video on youtube now!


During the summer of 2010, guitarist Seigo Minegishi was looking for members to put together a band that would take Japanese rock to the next level. After weeks of talking to various people and answering many emails, Erina Kawamoto came on board for vocal duties. The band's name came from Erina's love for cats, and not knowing whether to make an English name or a Japanese name, they decided to mix both, 'neko' meaning cat in Japanese.
A couple of weeks later, Puerto Rican drummer Ernesto Salinas called Seigo after looking at one of his ads online. The two of them jammed together in a studio in downtown Tokyo and the chemistry was right. The three later met and after many jams a demo was made. GDS records heard the demo and contacted the band showing their interest, later releasing the Nekocats' two-song single titled 'She Loves You'. In the Fall of 2011 Erina left the band due to personal reasons and 19 year old Maia Noguchi stepped up to fill in for vocal duties.
After only a year in the scene the Nekocats have already begun to have a following in the Tokyo area, making their energetic shows fun, loud, and exciting to watch!


She Loves You

Written By: Seigo Minegishi

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'She Loves You' Single (GDS Records)
Available on iTunes,, Tower Records (, and watunes.
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Set List

Stray Cat
She Loves You
Drop of Water