Nellie Eve

Nellie Eve


Witchy folk, like a north country Janis Joplin.


This young songwriter projects a sound of a wiser age. Nellie Eve recently celebrated her 21st birthday with her new friends, Lake Superior and a Banjo on a beautiful fall night. Nellie Eve spent the last 6 months in a cabin in the woods in the middle of no where, on the edge of the end of the earth, on Lake Superior, alone, isolated and singing to the lake. She has recently emerged from the North Country with a new EP entitled "December Songs." The banjo is a new addition to Nellie Eve’s repertoire of instruments, and she quotes,

“If my voice were an instrument it would be a banjo.”

This new EP is Nellie Eve’s 3rd album and as usual is full of intensely emotional expressions of heartbreak, self discovery, extreme isolation and appreciation for the land, trees, water and air.


Fast Train

Written By: Nellie Eve

CD skips like you fast train.
I have been around but not like you fast train.
Tracks one through twelve run fine but once we get out west
CD skips like you fast train.

Fast train never slow down
I�m on the inside out
Center track side shot
Bam this is it

You have taken me far fast train.
But I don�t know where I�m going
And I better slow down
Before you have taken me too far fast train.

Fast train never slow down
I�m on the inside out
Center track side shot
Bam this is it

Take me to the desert
Get me drunk off my ass
Leave me standing naked
In the ghost of this train wreck past.


Accepting Infinity EP
1. Rock and Roll Boys
2. Pretending
3. Sugar
4. Plastic Hands
5. Accepting Infinity
6. Cow Pastures
7. Up On

Twice Daily Until Spring EP
1. Olie the Killer
2. Kick and go Clean
3. Oden
4. Listening to Records
5. Uptown
6. Birthday Card

December Songs EP
1. Daisy, Seth and Me
2. A/V Club
3. Off Triple A
4. Rock and Roll Boys
5. Precious
6. Fast Train
7. Lavender

Set List

A typical set would run about 45 minutes. 90% to 100% original songs.

Sample Set List
Each song between 2 to 5 minutes
Rock and Roll Boys
Daisy, Seth and Me
A/V Club
Kick and go Clean
Off Triple A
Cow Pastures
Listening to Records
Fast Train