Nelson Jenstad

Nelson Jenstad


Music Psychology PhD. My main thing is composing, songwriting, creating musical content. Seeking; film, broadcast placement. Search for me Nelson Jenstad on, & itunes. 'e' me at ASCAP since 1987


Current 2009
New!! Psych/Lounge Spiral Sunset Project by the Spandrells - is in works!

A Forest Lane - beautiful piano and strings
Out now on CDBaby

The Spandrells - jazzish surf, Latin, & tech pop
out now at

CD releases for 2008 -
1. The Essential Robin Hood Lanes - hipster beat organ
2. E L E Zero Point - Prog pysch rock project
3. Feldspar II the Great Outdoors Blues psych rock project - odd pysch rock progressive/blue- (I know, this was a wierd album - an aquired taste perhaps? - I won't feel hurt if you tell me it's not my best work)

Dedicated Musician Composer Songwriter Performer Recording Artist.
Post Grad - Music Psychology
Gigged throughout California
Auditoriums to Sunset Blvd to Japan Center to San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Consord Theatre, Live Oak Theater, McKinney Theatre, Whiskey a Go Go - loads of punk dives in Hollywood! rofl! (the 80's - well, what can I say?? 'hehe =)

Music teacher to a handful of dedicated students in Tustin, Ca
Jim's Music Center since 2000 -
i love Pink Floyd
Heavy Rock but also
Bach, Beethoven,
Had a chat with Brian Eno, Tony Levin,.
Pink Floyd (seen live in the mid 70's)
ELP, YES, Grateful Dead, King Crimson (seen live)


Don't Look Back

Written By: Nelson Jenstad

Look Back, look back on the path you made.
Don’t look back, after you decide.
Don’t look back, don’t look back, don’t look back-

In the millions, in turns into your crazy dream
Now its funny
it’s not what it seems
maybe you're to serious indeed

your heart breaks, and the world is green
and it’s raining, and it’s raining

It turns out your
crazy dream was real after all.

And a bright light hits your eye
while the millions - millions marching by

The brand new room of your emptiness and cheer

Don’t look back after you decide
Don’t look back after you decide

Look Back, look back on the path you made.
Don’t look back after you decide
Don’t look back, no no no don’t look back, no no
don’t look back, don’t look back

Angels And Strangers

Written By: Nelson Jenstad

(chorus) And I think you, are someone from the blue .
Someone I never knew could be as fine as you. How do you do?

In the rooms and hallways - where friends disappearing
Where trailers and mailers - the highway it's raining
The last of the killers - asked why we're crying
The monsters were starving - on the horizon
Their carcasses rotting - from there very own poison
The stranglehold - on the masses all fallen
The sky now quiet - the giants had stumbled
The payoff of greed - was the Rule of Gold
The potters and weavers - and tradesmen stay hidden
Disease and chaos - the tumblers were breaking
The artists and lovers - were not to be found
Phantoms of souls - play on like a band
well nobody's going - where deciders are broken
Families and children are taking hold
Pavilions of progress - now lay at the tender
The streets are broken - where the tyrants fell silent
The planners of lies - deceivers of persons
Angels and strangers - dance ever around them

You Give Me Pause

Written By: Nels Jenstad



2009 - update -jazz, beautiful, strings, piano, flow - but retro/electro is not forgotten (Bubble Que)

2008 -
Some people make albums according to a particular style. That's fine by me.
Lately I just can't help myself - I have been treating my recent albums as though they were like a kind of movie- or story. And so here comes Feldspar II - The Great Outdoors

~~ insert Sept. 4th - I am on the verge of releasing Feldspar II it contains two vocal tracks from the earleir Feldspar plus a story board of new musical adventure for you!

from newest to oldest...
E L E Zero Point - themed rock instrumentals
Nelson Jenstad's Feldspar (2008) hey Vocals - really!
The Essential Robinhood Lanes (2007) hipster beat swing B# type material - dig it!

from 'back in the day' ...
Take Yer Medicine (Sore Sky)
Get Rid Of Your Monsters (Sincere Fibers)
Viable Musics (Man Against Nature)
Synthesis LTD (Saddleback College) 12" LP record album

Set List

"what is my Set list?"
the Spandrells could be the band that plays that snappy surf-jazz - check out song "The New Newport Blues"