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Sugar coated youthful ignorance.
Nelson is a 21 year old rapper that's released 2 mixtapes and is in rotation at a number of college stations including Rutgers Radio in New Brunswick, NJ.


Philadelphia artist Nelson might call himself a sloth, but the truth is that he does not slack on his music, striving to deliver his own personal take on hip-hop and throwing around words like a “wild, uneasy astronaut”.

With 2 mix-tapes under his belt, Nelson is quickly stirring some buzz about himself at Rutger's University in New Brunswick, where he’s currently a student. The budding MC manages to get featured repeatedly on the campus radio.

His latest single “Silence” (released on March 31th, 2013) is pure old school with a modern twist, a great taste of what was about to come next : Nelson’s On The Sly mixtape. He's already released one video for his song "Bookay" and his video for "Silence" is currently in pre-production.


On The Sly (2013)
SLOTH (2013)
Both get airplay on Rutgers Radio and available for free from