Nelson Said

Nelson Said

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Fantasy collaboration: Phil Collins meets Chris Isaak to write snappy adult contemporary pop/rock, thoughtful melodic ballads, and occasionally channelling the progressive side of Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel.


The key to Nelson's success in singing is his ability to sooth the audience with his voice. Although adaptable to be trained to hit the correct notes, the voice cannot be taught to naturally sooth. Always with an air of Sinatra-like confidence in any song he sings, Nelson has a knack for keeping your eyes and ears peeled to the stage. Nelson's story is philosophically simple yet undeniably destined to fate. He gets thrust back into music every time his grounded responsible nature decides to take a break from it. His life has a way in those times of reminding him that his talent cannot be suppressed and wasted, but must be utilized no matter how, when, where or why, no matter which inner fear attempts to disqualify his talent. This is no joke, but a sincere reality for him. Many bands and performers shine as a sum of their parts, but only show a glint of promise. Others will break through the industry with no less heart than the talent that does not, it is just something about them that keeps you interested. That 'something' cannot be taught, and the soothing nature of Nelson's voice and stage confidence is that 'something' that will keep you interested.


On And On

Written By: Nelson Said

Verse 1:
Horse drawn buggies, crowded highways, On and On
Peace on Sunday, war on Monday On and On, On and on
Let's dance to another day.
Aloha, Oh See O, Bonjourno
Shalom, Ola, Hello and the kids in the back are singing On and On and On.
Verse 2:
Lennon singing, the old Pope grinning On and On, On and On
Let's dance to another day.
Repeat chorus
You are to me what I am to you,
we don't have to be strangers to each other's point of view.
Repeat Chorus three times.


Nelson's writing emphasizes a grounded creative philosophical mind combined with a peaceful laissez-faire spirit. He will make you think. Growing up as a competitive hockey player in Canada, Nelson's focus on music was limited to the School choir and musicals. After College, he moved to San Jose California and began seriously working on his voice and writing ability while performing with cover bands and original music ventures in the local area. In 1998, with the financial help of working nine years in the mortgage business, Nelson wrote and recorded his first self-titled album. While being an experimental and incredibly valuable learning experience, the songs are not without melodies and words that will stay in your mind, only to surface, as a good hook will, when you least expect it. "The Sailor", Nelson's second effort, focused on building a collection of songs that together tell a story about how a fated couples desire for career and love become permanently intertwined, forcing them apart and together while they search for their individuality and deal with their undeniable love for one another. Visit or go to Itunes, Zune, Rhapsody, to hear the music.

Set List

Nelson's live performances focus on the cover tunes of the Sinatra era. Singing solo to pre-recorded music ranging from 'Fly me to the moon' to Bobby Darin's 'Mack the knife', Johnny Mathis' 'chances are' and Louis armstrong's 'wonderful world. Nelson currently performs at the Nuggett Casino in Pahrump twice monthly and private events. It is not easy for a solo singer without a back up band to hold a crowd for long, but Nelson does it 3 to 4 hours each time.