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Nemesis is a very talented hip hop artist who is very creative. He's gifted with making catchy hooks and has some of the games best rhymes. His energy level is very extreme and he has a huge song selection. He has a great personality that his fans and the crowd cling to instantly


A rival or an opponent that can not be defeated..... Nemesis ............................................................................................................ Believing that he is destined to succeed in this music industry Nemesis is a very versatile and creative artist who most definitely isn’t in the odds of staying down. Nemesis has a very exquisite type of personality that leaves one wondering is he cocky or confident, hostel towards life or just hurt by life’s turns and/or is he a good guy turned bad or a bad guy turned good. Ill let you be the judge of his character but as far as his talent, I must say Nemesis has proven to be exactly what he says his name means: a rival or an opponent that can't be beaten. I know what you’re thinking, yeah I know, I know, but everyone has a story so before you judge Nemesis by his name, his characteristics or his music lets take a look at the journey of a young man that was raised by Hip Hop and see will he stand tall after his fall. You can feel the pain in Nemesis’s voice when he speaks and raps but that doesn’t affect his music. His artistic edge is mixing Hip Hop & R&B and bringing creative concepts to nice beats. Though he’s proven himself time and time again from his mixtapes now it’s time for Nemesis to prove that he can be a mainstream artist. Let’s see if Nemesis will continue to let a woman named Hip Hop guide him. “Nemesis”.


*The Kid Next Door Mixtape

*Worldwide Domination PT 3

*The Carol City Legend Mixtape Pt 1

*The Carol City Legend Pt. 2 (Lost Tapes)

*Nemesis : Your Worst Enemy Mixtape

*Carol City Animalz - Hosted By Nemesis

Set List

My sets are usually 10-15 minutes and I usually do my song called She's Like The Wind & then my song called Hitman and slide a few freestyles in before I end it with my single Dancing Machine or All Night Long.