Nemonic, a five-piece band hailing from Aurora, Colorado has created a sound that is fresh and ready to be heard. With captivating vocals and music that is hard-hitting, melodic, and at times entrancing. Nemonic strives to assist the memory while invoking the mind and body.


"Hard Rock for the philosophical drinker"

It's progressive... No, it's alternative..... Maybe rock? Heavy, melodic, and entrancing are several words that describe the overtones. Solid vocals and polished percussion add to the fresh sound that has been brought to the table. Use of various time signatures and thought provoking lyrics are added pleasures to tease the mind. In a nut shell, melody straight up and soul on the rocks! Nemonic abides to no trend or fashion scheme, they are strictly about the music. Sizes and ages vary in the band, which gives the music influences from different walks of life. A sense of family and growth are a key priority, making egos cease to exist. With a loyal fan base that consistently grows, Nemonic has become a threat in the Denver music scene. There is no stopping this band on a quest to invoke the mind, body, and spirit of all who hear. Let Nemonic assist your memory!

As far as influences... They're still evolving.


"Lines of Transmission", Full legenth CD, Released March 16, 2007. Available on iTunes.

Set List

All original.
Our set list can be customized to suit the venue or event. Typically, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour.

Previous sets have included:
Do As You Please
Life Insurance
The Adjacent
Another Sentiment
Manual Recollection
Your Fashion Is Slipping
Watching Your Dreams
A Lonely Demise
Never A Whisper
Everone Is Here