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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Hard Rock for the Philosophical Drinker"

"They're hard rock for the philosophical drinker - the one who sits back and lets the music work its magic while he works out all that troubling "meaning of the universe" stuff. Those meandering guitar lines and occasionally heady lyrical themes are good for about the third or fourth drink in, when the front of the brain can shut the hell up and let the back do a little work." - John Zwick, The Lush Report, Denver News Paper Agency

"Keep Your Eye On"

"Keep your eye on the upcoming bands, Nemonic, and Ashfield. Looking at that list, I guess I like music that is lighter, conveys emotion, and stirs me in an introspective way. But that doesn't discount the several hundred other musicians I've worked with and loved. I see incredible talent all the time. Many of them you don't know, and many others that I can't remember due to the sheer number of songs I've worked on. I'm not a big fan of hardcore metal, or hiphop, or screamo, but I still drop my jaw when it's done right." - Tony Fiore, Globalsound Studios,

"Denver's Finest"

If there is one band on the planet that knows how to save music for
the rest of the rock world, its Nemonic.

The debut album "Lines of Transmission" sums up what a good record means.

The powerful vocals and creative guitars move you and sticks in your
head. The album is fresh with is Innovative sound. They describe
themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and its true. They are a
five-piece army that is completely unstoppable. Especially with this
new album.

Nemonic seriously is not playing around. They are authentic, original
and epic.

Did I mention the live performance? Yeah, unforgettable. Nemonic is
one of those bands who you see and say "man, that Nemonic band was
REALLY awesome live."

Pick up the album at any of there upcoming shows or at Angelo's CDs in Aurora. - Jacqueline Sonnemaker, Denver's Finest Rock Page


"Lines of Transmission", Full legenth CD, Released March 16, 2007. Available on iTunes.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Hard Rock for the philosophical drinker"

It's progressive... No, it's alternative..... Maybe rock? Heavy, melodic, and entrancing are several words that describe the overtones. Solid vocals and polished percussion add to the fresh sound that has been brought to the table. Use of various time signatures and thought provoking lyrics are added pleasures to tease the mind. In a nut shell, melody straight up and soul on the rocks! Nemonic abides to no trend or fashion scheme, they are strictly about the music. Sizes and ages vary in the band, which gives the music influences from different walks of life. A sense of family and growth are a key priority, making egos cease to exist. With a loyal fan base that consistently grows, Nemonic has become a threat in the Denver music scene. There is no stopping this band on a quest to invoke the mind, body, and spirit of all who hear. Let Nemonic assist your memory!

As far as influences... They're still evolving.