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"Nenad Bach recognizable by ever-present wide brimmed hat"

Mr. Bach on vocals sounding like a cross between Lou Reed and Elton John...produce melodious rock with an ethnic tinge - The New York Times

"Nenad Bach "Greatest Hits""

Album of superior quality - Billboard

"Nenad Bach has really sexy lead voice"

I added Nenad Bach Radio and really like the sounds. Thanks for the suggestion. But Nenad Bach in particular has really great sound, and really sexy lead voice. I haven't heard all the songs all the way through yet, but like what I've heard so far. Thanks - (Donna Jean Montgomery Newell)

"Nenad Bach is Baack and Wanted - performance at Fairleigh Dickinson University"

Nenad Bach is Baack and Wanted

Nenad Bach's performance in Wilson Auditorium of the Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, New Jersey on Saturday, November 1, 2008, before an enthusiastic sold out full house crowd was a bit of a return, even if he had never left behind his music career. It was not so much a hiatus as a time to focus on new projects, and some of that new work and vision was united with Nenad's longstanding skills and professionalism.

Nenad began the set behind the piano and performed a new ballad: "Everything is Forever." The song was in the mood of most of Nenad's previous rich resume of recordings, but it managed to be both melancholy and optimistic. Perhaps that is possible when one has a long track record of engagement on and off the stage.

When Nenad performed on stage with Pavarotti and Bono during the depth of the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia, his theme song was: "Can We Go Higher?" He again recaptured that mood at Fairleigh Dickinson, and some in the audience could relate to that dynamic and trying period. This anthem is relevant today as people strive to rise above differences.

The highlight of the evening turned out to be a revitalized Nenad picking up a guitar and standing to a fresh beat with his talented band of musical artists who joined him specifically for this one occasion. They came across as a unit that had been preparing and playing together for some time. Perhaps.

The "cover" song that they performed gave Nenad the opportunity to become Mo'Kool, the mysterious stranger of a spaghetti western throwback. Nenad was cocky, he was dark, he was confident, and he was Kool. The audience, many who had never known Nenad before, also sensed the transformation and enthusiastically embraced it. Mo'Kool is a "rock opera" character that Nenad is looking to put on film and screen with the character inspired by his old friend Ambassador Muhamed "mo" Sacirbey.

Nenad was as much showman as Kool in his interaction with the audience. He was spontaneous, entertaining with his music and exchanges. The band followed him into character like Jesse James into the bank. We hope to see more of Nenad's vault full of talent and vision into the future, and the audience that night certainly was left looking for more.

Ambassador Muhamed "mo" Sacirbey

The Nenad Bach�s band members:

Nenad Bach: vocal, piano, guitar
Richard Lindsey: bass
Mick Hanson: electric guitar
Mike O'Keefe: drums, vocal
Kinny Landrum: keyboards, melodica, vocal

Supporting team:

Associate: Dino Rulli, Marci Coyle.
Victor Zimet & Home Team Productions (producing and directing documentary about Nenad)
- Croatian World Network ( by Ambassador Muhamed "mo" Sacirbey

"The wisdom of words and the breathtaking beauty of melodies with the profound simplicity and originality of great art."

Your music inspires, transcends, soothes, reflects, enjoins, engages, and connects the wisdom of words and the breathtaking beauty of melodies with the profound simplicity and originality of great art. - Dr. Daniel Kolak


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Nenad Bach has a dream.

A dream nurtured through wartime and expatriation, a dream informed by his quest for universal justice and deep longing for world peace. The result: All I Want Is Freedom, a passionate cri de coeur and the latest CD in the artist’s prolific body of work. It’s a potent shot of rock infused with heart and soul, packed with provocative lyrics calling back the ethos of the sixties, unafraid to question, determined to seek answers, in a rousing call to action that electrifies, galvanizes, and at the same time mesmerizes.

Solidly backed by the four like-minded musicians comprising the Nenad Bach Band, and brilliantly recorded and mixed by five-time Grammy Award winner John Holbrook, the album was created at Nenad’s home in New York, in a back-to-basics bid for the days when “rock musician” wasn’t a profession, but a vocation. The naturalistic approach, inspired by Beatles’ engineer Geoff Emerick, is as close to live recording as it gets. For Nenad, “Love Is The Sound.” And for his listeners and the world, only love – and the truth – will set us free.

Stephanie Silber, filmmaker
Home Team Productions

Nenad Bach
Lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
A native of Croatia but a citizen of the world, Nenad Bach is a recording artist, composer, and performer who has recorded for Sony, Universal, Decca, Polygram, and many other labels. Two of his albums reached No. 1 in Europe, and to date he has sold over one million records. In addition, he has performed all over the world with a wide range of artists, including Luciano Pavarotti, Bono and The Edge (U2), Brian Eno, Indigo Girls, Richie Havens, Garth Hudson and Rick Danko (The Band), Vince Welnick (Grateful Dead), and many more. He performed at Woodstock 1994, and in 1998 he made a compilation album with Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohen, and Allen Ginsberg.
Nenad has released two American albums under his own name: Greatest Hits and A Thousand Years of Peace. His new album, which has long been awaited by his many fans from all over the world, is currently in the recording stage and will be released in 2010, preceded by a “live in the studio” EP entitled All I Want Is Freedom. Several of the songs on the album will feature the sounds of his homeland by incorporating Croatian klapa music (a unique and beautiful style of a cappella singing).
In addition to his own records, Nenad has scored many features and short films, including King of Cool (a biopic about Steve McQueen) and the Mladen Juran film Transatlantic, which was the Croatian entry for Best Foreign Film at the 1999 Academy Awards. He is also a record producer; his most recent work includes the recording of four SACDs of klapa music, which were the basis of one of the highest-rated shows on the long-running NPR radio program “Millennium of Music.”
Nenad’s work and his life story have been featured on all the major US television networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), on CNN, on Sky Channel, and on TV channels in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, and many other countries. He was interviewed by Ed Bradley for the CBS News magazine “Street Stories,” in a segment that was seen by 20 million viewers. Press coverage has been similarly widespread, ranging from The New York Times to Billboard, from the Washington Post to Corriere Della Sera, and from the Boston Globe to the New York Daily News. Currently, Home Team Productions is making a feature documentary about Nenad’s life.
Through his singing and songwriting, Nenad’s goal is to spread the message of joy and universal peace.

Joe DeSanctis
Keyboards, vocals, melodica, accordion, glockenspiel
A piano performance graduate of Catholic University of America, Joe DeSanctis has a pure passion for making music in all its forms. His experience and interests run the gamut from composing scores to conducting church choirs or mixed instrumentalists to playing keyboards professionally to arranging and writing songs. Joe has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years.
Joe has written extensively for television and film, and his work has been heard nationally on NBC’s Dateline and ABC’s Good Morning America, as well as regionally in New York and Chicago. He is the corecipient of the 2002 CINE Eagle Award for “ABC News Good Morning America: On The USS Enterprise” as cocomposer and arranger. In addition, Joe composed the score for Italian Lessons, an independent film that was the Westchester Film Festival winner for Best Narrative Short in 1997. In 1993, he won the Microfono D’Oro Song award for “Passione Di Musica” as cocomposer and arranger. Joe has also composed children’s musicals, an off-Broadway musical (Once More With Feeling), and liturgical music.
In the midst of his other activities, Joe still finds time to work on personal fun projects, include recording for Kathy Troccoli (Reunion Records) and acting as vocalist, keyboard programmer, and recording engineer for several other New York area bands. An avid