Jocelyn from NeonAnyway is like the sweetheart of the rodeo in steel-toed Doc Martins, her blues are cast in iron and she's punker than you'll ever be. Together, the four enjoy their passion for a British influenced style of 70’s punk rock loaded with heavy guitar riffs.


In 2006 London drummer Will Eglington and his fellow German guitarist Axel Rieke had left California rock veterans “the Silencers” and recruited Polish bass player and well known hair stylist Arthur Lesniak to form NEON ANYWAY. The band produced the soundtrack for the feature film “An Act of Sabotage”, played the Bay Area with Detroit native Ryan Shiver followed by songwriter and singer Jocelyn Ryder who joined Neon Anyway in 2009. She is a power full front woman who has been playing shows in New York’s clubs scene before moving to the San Francisco. In 2010 Charlie Sabia who was drumming for Eddie Vedder joined the band. With Jocelyn Ryder on the mic the band introduces an East Coast songwriter to the West Coast music scene. The band plans on bringing their brand of power rock to your favorite venue.


We plan to release a full length CD in 2010

Set List

We play 8 originals and cover "Kids in Americal"