Neon Avenue

Neon Avenue

 Youngstown, Ohio, USA

The goal of this project is to create music that is unique, yet listenable. Radio friendly, yet nothing similar to what is on the radio. We feel as though we have accomplished that and we are proud. Please check out out facebook for live videos and some free merch!


Neon Avenue is an Indie-Rock group formed in 2010 with musicians of an eclectic background. The group prides itself on writing and performing music that is interesting and listenable.

Neon Avenue hopes to see you at a live show soon!! Their passion for music is at its peak when performing!


Radio Airplay

- 93.3 "The Wolf"

Internet Radio Airplay
-Youngstown Rock
-Rukus Radio
-Keepin' it Radio
-VENTS Music

Press From
-The Vindicator


Welcome to Reason (Spring 2013)
Darkest Hour EP (Summer 2011)

Set List

1. Running
2. Wait a Minute
3. Darkest Hour
4. Take me away
5. Breaking
6. My alibi
7. Try, Try, Try