Neon Boulevard

Neon Boulevard


Chorus, flanger, delay, echo, fuzz, distorsion, overdrive, phaser, tremolo, reverb and vibrato switched on at the same time.



Hi there!
First of all I hate bio: I don’t even know what I’m supposed to write down…
I don’t like talking about myself as well as I don’t like talking about my music. I just do it because
playing it’s so funny and rewarding. I never did and I’ll probably never do anything considerable as a musician, but in my mind I’m defenitely a nice useless rockstar. i used to sing and play here: a great band that splitted too soon... now, i go solo.
I chose lo-fi as a lifestyle and shoegazing as a state of mind because it’s important to me to keep a
low profile in life. i play, record, sing, mix and master everything by myself. if you don't like what you'll hear, well... it's all my fault!
I can’t stand the earth and almost all the people who populates it anymore. I’m pretty sure I’m from
outer space, so please come Mothership come, come and take me home!


- Save The Fu2re (Compilation) - Betulla Records (one track: From Winter To Summer);
- Telling Secrets (EP) - Best Kept Secret (8 songs - audiocassette only);
- Electrostatik Vol.2 (Compilation) - 272 Records (one track: Tasting Rain).