Neon Escape

Neon Escape

 Ferndale, Michigan, USA

Neon Escape is progressive band with a flare for big gutsy anthems, and fast-moving pop songs. Consistently supporting national acts, performing on FOX 2 News, & Channel 7 News, Ann Delisi of WDET has called them "the fresh, young face of Detroit rock", and now, in 2011, they're playing for keeps.


"I honestly can't remember the last time a band from Detroit jumped off the page at me so vividly and there's a lot of great bands out there. However, Neon Escape sounds like nothing else that has come from the Motorcity in some time." -Detroit Music Examiner (FIVE STARS)

"Looking for a '70s throwback with modern flair and a singer with all the panache of a heavier-toned Freddie Mercury?" -Real Detroit Weekly (FOUR STARS)

"...This is the fresh, young face of Detroit rock...and they're doing a great job of carrying the rock torch." -WDET, Ann Delisi

"Their new album, We Won’t Wait Any Longer, is packed with rockin’ guitar riffs and awesome vocals, of which remind me of Freddie Mercury mixed with Ronnie James Dio." -EARSUCKER

"Their steadily rising fan base is testament to their potential, and it would be surprising if this album missed out on some major recognition." -MEWBOX

The voice just stops you in your tracks. It's that rarest of sounds. A wail as jagged as a howling wolf's, shot out of a popstar lit sky. Lush doesn't begin to describe its melodic clinch, intoxicating to the animal spirit. Neon Escape's sonic universe is made of potent combinations like this, with a sound that fuses alt-pop's cutting-edge tendencies to prog's symphonic peaks, indexing state-of-the-art rock - both classic and experimental - for extra kicks. This is pure audio voltage, spiking the ball of stadium rock on an unsuspecting generation, who wouldn't know the catalytic squall of "We Will Rock You" outside of a game or that Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" was once the theme on "Top of The Pops." Imagine Queen's entrancing yearnings soaring through the rock power stations of Yes and ELO, augmented by the bait-and-switch beats of Queens of the Stone Age. Dialing the virtuosity way up, riding tidal-wave guitar sustains and pounding toms out to sea. Neon Escape stretches the limits of a pop hook to fit rock's barbaric yawp and redefines critical mass for the 21st Century.

Hitting Detroit like a B-52 in the summer of 2009, Neon Escape burst out of their hotbox smoking with genius, taking everyone off guard. No one could have predicted the radical alchemy they'd have together, though each is a prodigious talent in his own right. Irrepressible frontman Cameron Glass's evolution as a singer has been as heady as it has genetically blessed, charmed as he is with primordial charisma and a voice so smooth it loves you back. Guitarists Dan Rose and Randy Roberts's synergy is deep-seated too, owing to the fact they have been playing together since cutting class in junior high. Their drive, technique and insane musicality is the product of that brotherhood, carrying them into their twenties with a fierce determination to make their musical mark. Fates collided serendipitously when a stroke of luck put Dan in the audience at one of Cameron's shows a couple years back. Whereas lesser musicians might have been dumbstruck by his sheer wattage, Dan recognized his jaw dropping when it hit the ground and set his sights on that voice the way Mickey Mantle must've eyed the ball.

Inspired by that moment of clarity, Dan and Randy set about creating a musical kingdom befitting Cameron's crystalline roar. Ambitious and without pretensions they cast their melodic nets wide and deep, emerging from dusk to dawn sessions with Neon Escape's nascent magnum opus intact. Diving into the project, all three immediately sensed how far their telepathic chemistry could take the music. They found rhythmic spirit in former gospel drummer Mario Perry and bassist Alex Drazin, whose coal-and-ice combinations set the tempo at a rolling boil. In no time they were off to the races. The bang of their kinetic impact on the Michigan scene has resonated exponentially; an ardent fan base has assembled en masse and the band's horizons blaze hotter than ever one year out. According to Dan: "Our goal is to make music with staying power. Songs that stick around long after we are gone."

Pure, raw rock and roll emotion is king, in all its amaranthine splendor, on Neon Escape's debut "We Won't Wait Any Longer" out now online and available in stores August 13, 2010. Co-produced by the band with Ian Mereness of R Kelly and Jay-Z fame, the album's twelve tracks are a stylistic tour de force, alternating from dazzling to dark, from jagged symphonies to rousing anthems. Its course is a many-splendored thing: the progressive arrangements, the climactic guitar riffs, the rhythmic turns on a dime and the emotive vocals lending credence to every utterance. "Night Lights" kicks things off audaciously, fueling the record's fire-eating designs with a rapturous attack, insinuating punches to come. The title cut "We Won't Wait Any Longer" is as gorgeous as it is stratospheric, its melody rising and falling with the poignant wail of a vocal, capturing the lyrics’ mixture of existential confusion and mercy in time perfectly. The unique arrangement, with ambrosial strin


We Won't Wait Any Longer

Set List

Early Bird
Across The Sky
Changing Like The Weather
Fire & Ice
We Won't Wait Any Longer
I Wanna Know
Push a Little Harder
Led Zeppelin - Rock & Roll
Everyone Shout
Night Lights