North Hollywood, California, USA

NeonGenesis is a dubstep, trance, and glitch production duo based out of Los Angeles. Over the past year they've released a string of heavy, melody driven dubstep tracks thats earned them a reputation in the blogosphere for experimental dance floor bangers.


Formed in January 2011, NeonGenesis is two lifelong friends with a passion for computers and music. With indie rock and metal backgrounds, the duo approaches electronic dance music from a fresh new angle fusing elements of funk, rock, trance, hip hop, and pop music to create a unique, experimental take on dubstep. NeonGenesis is one of the only live dubstep performance groups in Southern California, performing with Ableton Live and an assortment of midi controllers. With 15 years of combined performance and music production experience, the two members have participated in a multitude of underground music events, showcases, and a score of collaborations ranging from hip hop to rock.


Cosmologica(Single) - March 2011[Independently Released]
ET(NeonGenesis Bootleg Remix) - April 2011[Independently Released]
Man Of Lawlessness(Single) - May 2011[Independently Released]
Flora De 12500 BC(Single) - October 2011[Independently Released]
Get That Money(Official NeonGenesis Remix) - October 2011[Independently Released]
Somebody That I Used To Know(NeonGenesis Bootleg Remix) - January 2012 [Independently Released]
Polarity Therapy(Single) - April 2012 [DLA Black Records]
Trapped In Your Lies(NeonGenesis Remix) - [RELEASE TBA on Century Media]
Euphoric(NeonGenesis Remix) - (RELEASE TBA on Century Media]
Cosmologica EP - (RELEASE TBA on Demon Dub Records)