Neon Guillotine

Neon Guillotine

 Cortland, New York, USA

Neon Guillotine can be compared to nothing else out there right now. Drawing inspiration from Mayday Parade to The Faceless. The members of this band enjoy each other as much as the music they create, and push each other to be the best. They are full of energy on-stage and always get the crowd involved. Neon Guillotine is metal for fans of all genres incorporating pop and techno into their set list.


Neon Guillotine formed in late spring of 2011, the founding members being Joey, Jeff and Charlie. All three have been part of several bands since high school and are committed to taking Neon Guillotine as far as they can. They went through a few different members their first couple months but just those three stuck. They later gained their bass player Andreu, a local tattoo artist. The four man line-up played their first show in late May at a local bar in their hometown. A friend of a friend then reccommended a guitar player, and Tanner then completed the band. Neon Guillotine played every weekend over the summer doing local shows as well as a few festivals. The band always drew a crowd during their set and have recieved a lot of great feedback. They also made an appearance on a radio station based in Ithaca. They are currently hard at work polishing their current arsenal of songs before heading to the studio to make their first full-length album.

Set List

Apparitions In The Attic
Our Last Effort
Texas Is The Best Toast
A Damning Portrait
What's A "Metal Chug"?
Two Four Eight Let's Eviscerate
Outro/ Japan 4