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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tom Robinson BBC 6Music"

Under Moonlight has been played multiple times on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music show and named by Sherwood Radio as their "Track Of The Week". - Radio Play

"93 Feet East"

93 Feet East named them one of their 93 picks describing them as "Filed somewhere between a friendlier Death From Above 1979 and a nastier Hot Chip, Neon Highwire specialise in, in their own words “nihilistic deeply distorted-bass driven house”." - Blog


Musosguide named them a "tip for 2010". - Article

"God Is In The TV"

God Is In The TV Zine wrote "Their sound is a melting pot of eclecticism tied together with a coherence which gives them their distinctive style. Part electronic dance machine, part balls-out rock, part pop darlings, there’s a maturity in the sound borne from a near-fanatical perfectionism...". - Website

"Easy Music for Difficult Ears"

Easy Music for Difficult Ears said "Rather than lay claim to overly simple rhythms a chord progression, Neon Highwire's songs are laced with touches of elegance and intricate meanderings that makes them rather nice to listen - an impression is also left that these may also be killer dancefloor chooooooons." - Blog

"West Side Will"

They've been featured in West Side Will's showcase & Andy Quirk's podcast "Hits Of The Near Future". - Radio Play

"Where The Wild Things Are"

Where The Wild Things Are described the live show as "...a crazy kind of electro-dance-funk noise going on that somehow kept reminding me of the Mighty Boosh. It is only enhanced by the leaping around and flailing of the band members and we have to give a special shout out to Steve-o’s boiler suit, Kanye West, flashing belt combo." - Blog

"London Tunes"

London Tunes said "And now we’re blessed with Neon Highwire. Their tunes come at you at breakneck speed and leave you wondering if their self-description of “nihilistic deeply distorted bass driven house” is sufficiently intense." - Blog

"The Other Side Of The River"

The Other Side Of The River say "most importantly of all: they’re really rather good" - Blog

"James Theaker, NME radio"

James Theaker, NME radio said of single Under Moonlight "The song structure is great and the length is just about right for a radio edit." - Quote


Luminescense (2009)
1. Neon Blink
2. Don't: Wait
3. Creation
4. Under Moonlight
5. Isometric View
6. Akira!

Neon Gifts (2009)
1. Fantasy Land (Christmas In The TerrorZone)



Neon Highwire combine dirty electro, anthemic vocal harmonies & intricate guitar work all tied together in a fiercely addictive package. Always danceable, though never predictable, their music draws from an eclectic range of sources keeping the sound adventurous and unafraid to push boundaries. They're based in South London and are known for their intense live shows in venues such as 93 Feet East, The Old Blue Last & 333.

Formed in the autumn of 2008, the group began creating relentless dance music driven by a distorted bass guitar and a simple sampler in order to cleanse their palettes from previous Bristol-based projects Antistar and Antiba. Both of these previous bands had shown a great ability to create guitar based rock that was simultaneously infectious and unafraid to try new things. The results of the initial jams was an uncompromising sound falling somewhere between Death From Above 1979 and 65DaysOfStatic that evolved further as the band became familiar with the setup, each other and themselves. Over time songs emerged from these beginnings which were mercilessly edited to reveal the deeper melodies within. These tracks were to become the Luminescence EP.

The tracks taken from the forthcoming EP Luminescence deftly combine sophisticated layering in the song structures whilst simultaneously leaving hooks stuck in your head long after the music has finished. From the commanding stomp of Neon Blink to the electrifying onslaught of Don’t: Wait, the tunes are fat free and incredibly addictive.

Their live show is an explosive, somewhat theatrical affair where the tracks meld together as one big mood aligning mix whilst the band themselves are a blur of energy belting out note after note as though it’s the most important of their existence. This has helped them gain a fast growing reputation which sees them regularly play in London venues.

Tom Robinson championed Under Moonlight on his BBC 6 Music show, and with good reason. It’s a straightforward song that shows a knack for knowing where to add more and where to strip away. The pounding breakdown and build that appear where usually you’d find a more traditional middle eight in a song put your hairs on end with anticipation. By the time it kicks in to the last chorus, you’re powerless to resist.

Luminescence was released on Monday 14th December digitally with the physical format to shortly follow. More details at