Neoray combines austere, candid vocals with ornate, eclectic, penetrating electronic layers to create songs about absurdest lust, supernatural menage a trios and aristocratic space travelers. Innocent beautiful lyrical melodies are cut with deep throated vocals and dark soundscape stories.


Neoray is an electronic based group that has freshly blossomed in the DIY music and art scene in Bushwick, Brooklyn-- yet retains threads to New York's musical legacy. Christy Singleton (vocals/lyrics), originally from Atlanta, GA and Chris Olivo (synth) from New Jersey met when Christy was giving a solo performance of her songs with an ipod backing her up at a small club basement in Queens.
Nicholas Olivo (guitar) and Alexander Rea (percussion) were recently added into the combination. With such influences ranging from Brian Eno, The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Velvet Underground the group promises to bring a unique range of experiences to the listener with their first EP.

The potentials of this music group are two fold, blending visual art and audio realms-- Christy is also a artist that has exhibited at MoMA PS1, she creates visual content to parallel the concepts and stories within the songs and performances. Her stories are cinematic escapes about lovers and alternate worlds within our own-- instead of lost loves, a song might be about a love lorn vampire coming out into the light, or a woman's fantasies of a falling Icarus man, while traveling in a deep space. Creating expansive audio visual operatic experiences within clubs, galleries and museums is the ultimate goal of this artist/singer/song writer.


Neoray is currently working on their first EP.