Remember the good old days of three part harmony, catchy rock choruses, and superb musicianship? NeoRelic does and entirely focuses on bringing these elements into a modern context of pop and rock. Performing is of the utmost importance and all is given every time NeoRelic hits the stage.


The label ‘original’ in the world of rock and roll has become something of a misnomer in the last 10 to 15 years. The seemingly daunting task of creating a new sound has given rise to the mass production of typical 3 chord songs with nasally driven vocals. Yet within the incessant musical waves of the ‘same’, some bands have and do embrace the unique musicianship that each member brings and in turn, foster a distinctive sound. It is within this vision that NeoRelic aspires to create its music and in turn be self-defining.
NeoRelic’s story began several years ago when David Wells (vocals, keys, guitar, and harmonica) and Brandon Davar (vocals and lead guitar) became friends and artistic collaborators at Mission Viejo High School in Orange County. Besides sharing a love of theater and a quirky sense of humor, these two friends quickly learned of each other’s deep rooted passion for music, ranging from classical to blues and classic rock. David and Brandon especially cultivated an appreciation for such 70’s rock bands as Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Styx.
In the winter of 2001, Brandon and David started performing at local high schools and coffee shops as a duo, and then as a four-piece under the name NeoRelic. Soon thereafter, NeoRelic started playing such venues as the Coach House in Orange County and the Roxy in Hollywood. In the fall of 2006, Brandon and David parted ways with their rhythm section in the hopes of finding members that shared their musical aspirations and vision.
Throughout the endless process of scouring the internet and auditioning for “the” right band (Hanson included), Harry Ostrem stumbled upon a NeoRelic add. Hailing from Montana, Harry was relieved to finally play bass and sing for a band that desires a rich harmony based sound and musically layered songs with thought provoking lyrics. These were the qualities that intrigued Wisconsin native Zak St. John when he auditioned with the band in February of 2007. While playing drums and percussion for various artists throughout LA, Zak has become steadily devoted to NeoRelic and brings his varied musical and business skills to the band.
Currently, NeoRelic is awing audiences with its musically challenging yet radio friendly songs, pristine harmonies and larger than life stage show throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Stay tuned as NeoRelic continues to create play, tour and record.


Title: Unsigned
Released August, 2007
Engineered by Rick Parker
Produced by NEORELIC

Set List

All I Need
Storm Catcher
Another One Comes Along
Using Me
All Good Treason
Live Another Day
Watch the Walls Burn
Wasted On You
Memory Lapse
Lets Give It a Try
Down for the Count
Winkle Concerto
Sick of It
On Top of Your World