This original sound brings energy with integrity, set to attack popular music. Influenced by the combination of mid-‘90s punk rock and electronic hardcore, it is an electrical current designed to inflict a razor-sharp shock to the heart and relate to young people in an aggressive and meaningful way


This neosonic mission was initiated by young visionary producer Jonathan Cy and vocal phenomenon Bonnie Miller at San Diego State University; Manny Dime (pro) arrived from Switzerland to be the final acute corner of this agile triangle. These players fully believe in Neosonic — they’re not the only ones.

One of the first Neosonic shows was played at the legendary Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood to a packed house. One week later, Indie 103.1 FM started playing them in Southern CA.
Neosonic have since headlined the Whisky and played shows between San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas, sharing mainstage bills with other up and coming bands such as The Birthday Massacre and Los Abandoned.

These three were little kids in the ‘80s and now exist together in an exclusive urban futuristic underworld — they exemplify and amplify the energetic, dynamic, and violent quality of contemporary youth, especially as embodied in the motion and force of modern machinery.