St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Neph is one of the fastest rising stars in St. Louis Hip-Hop! Already a seasoned veteran from Hip-Hop group Camp 8! Neph has struck out on his own to invade hip-hop and take over!


He never dreamed of stepping out beyond what he got and he never even realized his capability. Neph, a rapper from St. Louis, MO helped people reaching their success in music but initially didn't know that his talent was what the industry have been dying for.

Having sold more than 100,000 mixtape units in St. Louis and Illinois Neoh is one of the hottest upcoming rappers in the industry.

Neph brings a passion that hasn't been seen in music in a while with his swagger, dedication and talent.

Neph is the future of St. Louis hip-hop. Is the world ready for Neph?


Swaggin' It- Single on HUSH Entertainment - 2009

Hey Boi' f./ Cheron Brash - 2010

Come Kick It Wit' Me f./ Cheron Brash- 2010

A Recession f./ Cheron Brash- 2010

Tell Me Why You Hate- 2010

Set List

Neph is capable of performing over 25 minutes of original material culminating with his hit "Come Kick it With me"

1. Tell Me Why You Hate That
2. Swaggin' It
3. The Recession
4. Hey Boi
5. Come Kick It With Me