Neptune Bloom

Neptune Bloom

 Perkasie, Pennsylvania, USA

This high energy new age rock n roll jam band will knock your socks off and slap on your dancing shoes. Bloom successfully blends elements of jazz, funk, blues, and rockin melodies in a familiar, yet brand new way.


Neptune Bloom is a high energy genre defying band that gets every crowd out of their seats and moving on the dance floor. Bloom succesfully blends elements of Funk, Blues, Reggae, and Rock and always pleases crowds of ALL ages. Fans know to arrive at shows early to reserve their spot on the dancefloor, since Bloom shows are normally packed! The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Parliament-Funkadelic, and Yes, have all had influences in Neptune Bloom's music.

Neptune Bloom has been recognized locally in Pennsylvania by the Montgomery Bucks Music Awards (MBMA) in 2011 as "Best New Artist" and "Best Live Jam Band Performance" (fan votes)

Appearing throughout the PA music scene in Philly, the Lehigh Valley, and Montgomery and Bucks Counties, the members of Neptune Bloom have been honored to shared the stage with some killer regional and national touring bands such as Keller Williams, Conspirator, Splintered Sunlight, Psychedelphia, Flux Capacitor, and the Dirk Quinn Band. Most recently, Neptune Bloom was thrilled to be asked to perform as one of the headlining bands on the Main Stage Saturday June 30th at Opple Topple Music Festival 2012, produced by Special Opps Productions in Springtown, PA.

Growing up in the PA area, all the Neptune Bloom members have been dedicated attendees at Bethlehem MUSIKFEST over the years, and are anticipating a dream opportunity to entertain a MUSIKFESTcrowd in the near future!



Written By: Neptune Bloom

Once, I could count on, them to treat us good, never raise a hand.
But, that's all passed now, step outta line and you're thrashed out, infront of everyone.

You let it bleed on me, why'd ya do it like that, I'm from out of state

Front, you put on for everyone, make sure they don't see, what you, have become in your latter years
Should, I beg for you, get on my knees and pray, that you, make it home safely.


Sure to Fall

Written By: Neptune Bloom

Pick me up and put me on your shoulders so I can see that show infront of me.
Pull me closer so I can hear your heartbeat in my ears and inside my head.

Oh, Sure to fall

Rub my eyes, its been so long since I've seen you. The years have not been kind to me.
Take good care of the family you have built for yourself; They depend on you for everything, always.


Brush the dust off the drumsticks and guitar cases. Warm your fingers up for one last try.
Time for us to go back where we belong where the people expect us to be forever and ever.



enclosed tracks were
Recorded Live at Puck 2012
Doylestown, PA

Album coming soon

Set List

Approximate set time-1 hour 15 minutes, can be reduced on lengthened

Mama Be Free
Too Late
Sure To Fall
You Just Don't Want to Know
Ready made