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Mc Nerd Nate

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Hard hitting, thoughtful, bangin beats and a great show!


M.C. Nerd Nate has quietly made a lot of noise for himself. He had played over 250 shows in the last three years. Nate has been sampled by some of the biggest names in house music. Nate’s voice is featured on an international release with Solmatic Records (a highly respected dance label) and is on Richard Vision’s latest mix cd,Automatic. He has got to be one of the most positive M.C.'s on the mic today. At a certain point it came time for Nate to make a record. He sought out the best players he could find to form his production crew.
He inlisted the help of Norwood Fisher who has been producing records for twenty years. His biggest hit was "Party at ground Zero" with "Fishbone". Norwood has produced songs for the "Red Hot Chili Peppers". As a session player he is one of the best.
Steven Bradley had spent the last 10 years touring with "No Doubt" and the last two touring with Gwen Stafini. He plays trumpet, keys and sings back up vocals. Steven is a musical genius. He can play almost any style and he has great song writing ability. Steven has the charisma to be a front man but having been swept up in the success of No Doubt, he remains a creditble producer with his parntner Dave tweety at Chocolate O’Brien".
D.j. Lex is hands down one of the the top hip hop dj in the country. His last mix tape (w/partner True Justice) "Pound for Pound" won best Bay Area mix tape for 2004. He tours with the world famous "Living Legions" and is a member of "Souls of Mischief". He puts beat down like no other. Nate and Lex have been close through out each others careers. The duo is known individually as being over the top, but together it’s like a firework display as both push each other to the limit.
M.C. Nerd Nate with DJ Lex rocks the House! The pair will be doing a spring tour with Tori Ruffin's Freak Juice.


"Ill is Ill" and "Girz" is currently availible for download.

Set List

Gates of hell
Ill is Ill
use me
out of control
meadows of monet
Peep Game
Revolution within you!
Get you Leg Up!
Talkin Trash!
Sex Addict!
Our set is about 60 minutes..