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"Revolt of the Nerds: Nerd Revolt Isn’t Taking Anymore of Your Scene Crap"

Origins unknown but currently based out of San Francisco, Nerd Revolt may have always been here, bubbling under the surface of the white-washed, washed-out and wit-less dance music scene of the last 5 years.

Here, there has been no depth, no spirit, no journey to the music. But with their self-titled album (which is out right now– run, don’t walk) NR is poised to change all that. Track #8, “Fallen” was my first taste of the work by this dynamic duo known by the pseudonyms iLL F.O. and m.0.

Before you know it, you’re in it and now it has gotten into you; all you can do is dance. Have I heard this before? Yes, but not iLL F.O.’s voice. “Fallen”‘s soundscape is like a wide open meadow; the beauty is in its bareness and subtitles.

Who knew electronic music could be this tactful and deliberate? Could it be that they are trying to make a statement, loud and clear? In fact, there is already a body of literature authored and published by the duo themselves at, where every agonizing detail of the Nerd Revolt saga is chronicled. These guys don’t only want to be heard, they want to be understood.

iLL F.O. writes, “Over time, I’ve gotten disillusioned with the skewed portrayals of this subculture. It’s either glamorized by cheesy-ass DJs with frosted highlights and bikini-clad bitches on each arm, or demonized by the media as this disgusting, decadent wasteland.”

From reading the bands literature, I get a clear sense of Nerd Revolt’s vision and their intervention on the genre; they bring more than style and synth to the table. It’s clear that they are well on their way to creating a movement. - SoCalMusicToday

"Nerd Revolt – “Nerd Revolt” album"

m.0 and the iLL.F.O are self-described as “two cyborgs, cruising through the multiverse” that formed to become friends, and the San Francisco band Nerd Revolt. In May, they released their debut album. There are 10 tracks that sit in the moody electronic genre. It’s laced with robotic programming, soaked in synth, dark, powder-soft vocals provided by the iLL.F.O. (a beauty in a tulle skirt), and tells stories of self-expression and liberation. Watch some videos below, stream the album, and get it. - Crayon Beats

"Nerd Revolt"

Dig good beats? Synths and other electronics perfectly crafted for dancing? That’s pretty much Nerd Revolt’s self-released, self-titled, debut album. Two classically trained musicians, taking on the pseudonyms iLL F.O. and m.0., front the band. They archive their saga at
Put on your headphones, crank up the volume, and dance. “Fallen,” track 8, soars. Immediately, the duo’s phenomenal talent as musicians and lyricists is evident; and iLL F.O.’s voice? Perfect. There are other album standouts. Track 7, “Running to Nowhere” captivates; again, with ILL F.O.’s voice.
Passion is evident. The duo’s classic training is evident. Nerd Revolt doesn’t deliver a disorganized, confusing mix of electronica. It’s deliberate. It’s tactful. This band has immense potential to excel in their genre. All they have to do is continue to make noise! - WSBU - 88.3 the Buzz

"Nerd Revolt, Honky 421 & more!"

Sleek, sexy & rich with synth power....Nerd Revolt’s new release is a slinky treasure chest chock full o’ interesting songs that are full on dance tracks that you could easily hear at any trendy dance club OR gay strip club simply because the music has a very sexual quality that makes it universal for any kind of dancing!

There’s no loud guitars on this record, it’s straight up dark dance music & the sounds range from trance to house with a very dark vibe that makes it interesting. - Rock N Roll Experience

"Also Recommended: Nerd Revolt (Nerd Revolt)"

A bevy of electronic spitballs that are just a bit too robotic to be disco. Or maybe this is disco as practiced by robots. I could get down with that. Either way, the icy chill of these songs is all-enveloping. Most intriguing. - Aiding and Abetting

"Nerd Revolt: Nerd Revolt"

“We are just two cyborgs, cruising through the multiverse.” This is is how Nerd Revolt describes themselves. It only begins to make sense when you listen to their debut self titled album.

The opening track, “Breaking Free,” thrusts you into a dark, daunting, digital soundscape set forth by the band’s futuristic aura. The simplicity of the song is enhanced perfectly by the hollow guitar played lightly in the background at just the right moment. “Breaking Free” is a great start to a liberating album. Making your way through each song, you will find yourself unable to stop bobbing your head to the catchy beats. While the beats are catchy, the real stars of the album are the synths. The band was created by the pairs’ love of synthesizers, so it only seems fitting that they steal the show.

Lyrically the album is as strong, if not stronger than the music itself. The spunky, pink and blue haired the iLL.F.O. takes you through the struggles of stepping out of societal expectations. She does this with a haunting, whispered tone, bringing out the power and emotion in both her voice and the music. By the time you reach the song “Fallen,” the album has taken on more than self freedom; it tackles the injustice of soldiers’ death in war, turning the message into liberation for all.

Nerd Revolt is the whole package. The lyrics enter your mind and make you think, while the melodies and unique sound selections sink through the skin and chill to the bone. Even more impressive is that the album was self produced by band mate M.O. I see a bright future ahead for these cyborgs. - Surviving.the.Golden.Age


“Nerd Revolt”
2012 / Indie / NR-001

“Haze of introspection... and sh*t.”
2010 / Innerflight Music / IFM-012



From the very first conversation, m.0 and the iLL.F.O. bonded over a love of synthesizers. It was the start of a friendship that would inspire them to reach for their dreams.

With their eponymous debut album, Nerd Revolt has unveiled a confident and refined sound. Dark, complex, and synth-heavy, it captures an emotional journey and tells an inspiring story of liberation. the iLL.F.O. (lead vox/synths/programming) delivers hypnotic, confessional lyrics and psychedelic soundscapes, while m.0 (synths/programming) holds it down with his production, sound design, and engineering skills.

The album hit the Top 20 of the CMJ RPM charts, debuting at #18 and peaking at #17. It also landed at #3 on the RPM Adds Chart.

Nerd Revolt isn’t about pretense, or bowing down to the status quo. It’s about being who you are and inspiring others to embrace themselves. Through living their dreams, m.0 and the iLL.F.O. are empowering people to believe in theirs.

And the revolt’s just beginning...