Nerdy Boy Jr

Nerdy Boy Jr

 Tacoma, Washington, USA
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Im a Hip Hop Recording Artist With urban Style, With R&B Mixed in Between. My Music is Clean, Up beat and Nothing Like whats out in the Music World Today. I bring Storys and Things ive been thru My Life into my Music World.


Nerdy Boy, Jr.

Says rap newcomer, Nerdy Boy, Jr. aka NBJ, “So many artists rap about poppin’ bottles and throwin’ cash, and use less time expressing their feelings about the drama in their lives,” says rap newcomer, Nerdy Boy, Jr., “I’m done holding back on stuff, and I have a lot of things to say.”

Born Ryan Bradley in Hempstead, NY on December 10, 1987, Nerdy Boy, Jr. is no stranger to the limelight. After relocating to Washington State, and at the age of 5 years old, Nerdy Boy, Jr. developed a love for Hip Hop while watching his father perform. Often, he would request to get onstage, and his father would oblige and let him do his thing on the microphone. Nerdy Boy, Jr. knew then that he wanted to perform. At a young age, Nerdy Boy, Jr. would sit in the recording studios during his father’s sessions. Though his first passion was singing, the Rap genre soon caught his ear, and he began to seek and learn about the history of Hip Hop. He eagerly listened to all types of music, from Run DMC to LL Cool J, and even Def Leppard. Understanding his son’s determined drive, Nerdy Boy, Jr.’s father presented him with his first track, and his first record deal at the age of 13.
?Displaying his relentless work ethic, Nerdy Boy, Jr. went on to release 5 albums, and 4 music videos along with videos that chronicled his live performances at Seattle Fashion Week, and Def Jam L.A. Live. Nerdy Boy, Jr.’s musical background and determination has led to a written review of his music in the October 2011 issue of Mafia Magazine, one of the most relevant Hip Hop magazines in the music industry. To date, Nerdy Boy, Jr. has taken his destiny into his own hands by releasing two mix tapes, and collaborating on live performances with Leenie Krew Entertainment, and music and video production with Ken Allison of Syko Records.
?Nerdy Boy, Jr. describes his music as, "ever-changing, and constantly growing lyrically.” He states, “My music has evolved into a hip hop, galactic, futuristic, out-of-this-world type of music. I don’t sound like most artists.” And rightfully so, as Twitter and Facebook updates show that Nerdy Boy, Jr.’s fans have elicited an overwhelmingly positive response to his Nerdy Boy, Jr. persona and music. Nerdy Boy, Jr., himself, states, “NBJ is not just an artist, but a movement. The brand Nerdy Boy Jr. embodies the style of music that is heartfelt, full of passion, and swagger. The "Jr" part of the name represents a small portion of NERD in my music… N.E.R.D meaning "Never Ending Real Dreams.” He shares, “Nerdy Boy, Jr. represents every person that has felt like an outcast in society, but I'm here to prove that you can overcome that stage.” Sentiments like these cement his readiness to transcend the next level.


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