Ne' Richa

Ne' Richa

 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
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Ne' Richa is the sum of 80s era Hip Hop, sophisticated lyrical attitude, & an undeniable magnetic charisma. At 24, she has already accomplished a great deal, with her album L.F.C. (Late 4 Class). Writing & producing her own material, Ne' Richa takes the reign in the booth much as she does on record.


Every generation comes to a crossroads where it has to either accept the predictable, and mediocre, or to decide its time for a change...a change for the better, to follow a leader not afraid to push the envelope. This leader also has to be willing to speak for those unheard, and express for those afraid. Twenty-four year old Natalie Richmond fits the criteria to a tee, while remaining ever-so-discreet in her trademark laid back persona. She continually proves her worth, whether it’s by scaling the streets of her hometown of Erie, Pa, hustling for independent CD sales, or committing to an exhaustive weekly schedule that includes studio work, deejaying on Gannon University’s radio station 90.5FM/WERG, and still finding time to keep her peace of mind. She plays for keeps, just as hard as the “boys” can, and why not? If it’s indeed a man’s world, Ne’ Richa surely blazes the trail of empowered female pioneers who want nothing less than to rule it.

Ne' Richa, nonetheless, reps for the ladies, and she carries the torch well. In an era where its commonplace to sell one's body for 15 minutes of fame, this young artist brings sexy back....through class, a street swag, and a commanding stage presence. A sweet, yet mysterious, personality is only the icing on the cake for this starlet who is promised to take the hearts, and even the minds, of Hip Hop and RnB heads in the very near future.


(2010) Ne' Richa-The EP (Mixtape)
-(2010) Take It Easy (Single)
-(2010) Don't Be Afraid (Single)

(2011) Ne' Richa-L.F.C. (Late 4 Class)
-(2011) Dollar (Single)
-(2011) Ain't Ya Ex (Single)
-(2011) Forest Run It (Single)

Set List

"Ain't Ya Ex"
"Hide & Seek"
"My Shit"
"Krush Groove"
"Forest Run It"