Nero Leung

Nero Leung


One Man Band. All my music and songs are done in my home with a computer, guitar and mic.

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Never Say Goodbye

Written By: Nero Leung

Everytime my mirror shows your face
Imagination overrides every piece of my mind
Since the moment you slammed the door right in my face
The sand of time had stopped running trapping me in the dark

No matter how I've tried to hold on to my faith
The tears from my eyes realize there will be no turning back
Every gift you gave me brings back our sweetest memories
They have become the only reason why I still breathe

All I wish is to never say goodbye
Keep on surviving to the end until the earthquake brings us down
Feeling my soul is screaming every night
Is there any goddess I can find
Show me what is love
Show me what is forgiveness
Unleash my restless soul *

Losing all the sanity in me
Pretending you are still with me in my reality
Watching you feeling you safe inside my arms
You'll never say goodbye to me I'll never be alone

repeat *

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Never Say Goodbye