Nervosa’s six members blend an eclectic mix of musical influences in their song writing, and consequently have been described as Progressive Folk Rock meets Industrial. As a live band, their acoustic gigs provide a folky edge, in contrast to the epic musical soundscapes their electric set provides.


Nervosa are a six piece progressive folk rock band who’ve spent the last year writing material and recording demo's of their songs and ideas, racking up an impressive 31,000 myspace plays without leaving the house!

As Nervosa's members play more than one instrument a piece, the 16 songs they have written are musically expansive, (with influences including Pink Floyd, REM, Massive Attack, Radiohead, The Doors, The Beatles and The Who ) so they gig both electrically and acoustically to reflect this diversity.

Sounds like?

“Set the ray to Jerry...this fairly obscure b-side reminds me of this song... I think it is great...this composition is cool as hell. That weird lead guitar is a definite plus...Reminds ME of Radiohead and the Smashing Pumpkins”

“It starts as "electronic", then adds some guitar/mandolin to make a sort of folk jam with a hint of industrial and grunge and 90's alternative. The chorus offsets nicely with the verse - earning my respect for it's fusing of different styles in a cohesive, creative and interesting manner.”

“I know this will sound insane, but something in the minimalism of the guitar and vocals as well as the note selection reminds me of Bauhaus even though this doesn't actually sound a damn thing like them…almost like a way hipper update Nervosa shits out after swallowing Bauhaus via The Stone Roses.”

“Slow and languid, definitely has a Floyd vibe to it”

“Good to hear something a bit relaxed for a change which in this genre is unusual. this track is solid and it has a strong flavour or sonicness like with Icehouse or early punk sound. Nice to hear new sounds produced by such youthful generations that resemble some of those cult bands we might otherwise forget. This has nostalgia and that beautiful alternative ease of defiance. I love it."

“like tiramisu. Light and fluffy, with different layers. You sound a little like PJ Harvey.”

“Opening like a serene, 1970s twinkling Hendrix LSD trip this beautifully tranquil melody is quickly turned into something a little more ominous by the strange, ethereal, almost threatening vocals. As the song breaks from itself you're held for a moment wondering where it's about to go, then it kicks in with a cacophony of vocals lolloping over one another in glorious discordance... a sort of The Polyphonic Spree pushed through a blender with Captain Beefheart and Radiohead.”


Funky Moped

Written By: Beccy Melling

Love the drama
Of situations,
De ja vu,
An oracle
Of infection,
Of rejection

An excuse
To loosen ties,
I’m flesh and bone,
I’ve had enough.
Leave me alone
Leave me alone.

Copyright Nervosa 2006 All Rights Reserved

The Chinaski Effect

Written By: Beccy Melling

My head
Comforting words
Never said
Or despair
To repair

I miss you

Can’t see
Outside myself
Not sure
I want to
I own my
Own demons
Why take on
Yours too

I miss you

Another night
Won’t hurt me
Than this
Of tears
To dissipate
The years

I miss you

Copyright Nervosa 2006 All Rights Reserved


Written By: Beccy Melling

How do you expect me to live in the past
Shell shocked and broken, caught in the blast
Whip around curtains, to blinker my view
From shadows and spiders
From thinking of you

So loosen your grip ~oh~
It’s time to let go ~oh~

The volume of feelings lies dusty, unused
Why tangle the web, left there to confuse
Who measures the tears that fall from my eyes
Not you, no you can’t see through my disguise

So loosen your grip ~oh~
It’s time to let go ~oh~

Copyright Nervosa 2006 All Rights Reserved

Breathe In

Written By: Beccy Melling

Everyone's a potential
A predator wanting you
Acid rises, jealousy
How will I win through?

Breathe in
Breathe out
Don't break
Make the same mistake
Breathe in
Breathe out
You got your wish
Don't blow it out

Paranoia revealing
Their merciless intent
Will they devour our love?
Our explosion to prevent

Wake me
Make me
Fear me
Mould me
Shape me
Free me
Free me from this jealousy
Take me
Don't break me
Feed me
Need me
See me
Free me
Free me from this jealousy

Copyright Nervosa 2006 All Rights Reserved

Put an End to This

Written By: Jon Winter

You will be mine
Though you mean nothing
To me
I will bleed you dry
Though through me
You can see

Self inflicted anger
With love,
With love from me to you
A single file disaster
We’d hate to
Put an end to this

I will hunt you down
Like the dog
You are
Devouring your soul
For my own
Listening pleasure

Copyright Nervosa 2006 All Rights Reserved


Nervosa are currently recording their debut album "Paranoid Soul" and are about to release a double A side single, featuring "Funky Moped" and "The Chinaski Effect".

Both Funky Moped and Breathe In were "Track of the Day" at, and several Nervosa songs are on the playlist of internet radio stations and have been used on Podcasts around the world.

Set List

1. Intro (Crazy Bass)
2. Breathe In
3. Eccentric
4. 42 Pigeons
5. Funky Moped
6. Over
7. Black Box
8. The Chinaski Effect
9. Gripped
10. Put an End to This
11. Lullaby
12. Psycho Acoustics
13. Something Good
14. Arabian Techno Funk
15. Untitled
16. Ambient Craziness