Nervous System

Nervous System


the warmth and optimism of the american south combined with the grey tones and caution of northern europe... like a fine espresso with a splash of Jim Beam in it.


So you take a singer-songwriter that thought he was gonna write unwritten Radiohead songs forever, combine him with a bass player who digs up bones, and a drummer that is currently researching the Hindi influences found in the traditional music of Trinidad and Tobago, and then bring in a guitarist/multiinstrumentalist that will fill your blender with red beets and PBR, turn it on to 10 and toss the lid to the dogs - and you will begin to see where Nervous System derives its music from.

Nervous System has been playing together since 2002, although the name was adopted in early 2004. The band played as the Jeff Johansson band in the 2003 Three Rivers Music Festival (Columbia, SC), and has played numerous music venues and showcases in Columbia and Atlanta. All four members of the band moonlight in the band Petrillo Relents, with songsmith Andrew Francis, whose EPK can be found at

The band has recorded a demo at home in Columbia, South Carolina with a few odd mics, a digital workstation, and a mad cowbell, and is currently finishing a cd due later this spring.


Tree Falls Twice

Written By: Jeff Johansson

it's a simple life,
where the flesh rejects the knife
and the day sun warms my eyes
and an axe-blade thin,
in an ancestor's hand
but it's the same tree falling twice

she knows, she knows - you know she knows something
and I'd like to think that we knew it first
I know her face and I know her sulking
it's two lonely roads and I see no crossing

in a long blank stare, you can see the hope she wears
and I know it's so sincere
and there's some say life was better before, better before
better than descending into all the same mistakes we've made before

she knows, she knows
you know she knows something
and I'd like to think that she could be wrong
I know the steps and I know the shuffle
and I'd like to think that we could move on

Fall of Troy

Written By: Jeff Johansson

I was there at the fall of Troy
and I sailed the Aegean
Broke bread with beggars in Jerusalem
I think I fell in love with them

I may be all of that and then some more,
but it's a balance I can't live up to
It's more than just a battle,
it's a war,
and it's a challenge I can't refuse

Sinners with leprosy
they can't hide their contempt for me
we're just a few soldiers from the orphanage
who win wars for the Vatican


I hate the Taliban,
and Castro and all of them
spend their days scheming to eradicate
my sense of community


I was there at the fall of man
and I stood on a pyramid
I looked down, scared to look around
and see the fools looking up at me


The Listing

Written By: Jeff Johansson

Couldn't look at the mirror,
couldn't look at the tide
couldn't summon up the will
to face another landslide
it felt strange and still,
like a new promise had arrived
from these frames and nails -
held my life

and I lead the course,
and there's land in sight
but from the looks that I've seen,
It's just another trick of the mind
I feel fine, but I feel tired
and I look old, and I feel down
and I stop dead in my full circle

Please not a word 'til the transmit ends
please not another change
the message has been sent
We've all made a move you can't have back
we've all said some things
you can't have back

well it's a nice day for a good talk
and a long walk in an old neighborhood
and I can't define, this strong sense
that I'm still high with my feet tied
and I feel strange when the clouds lift
and the sun shines
it's a nice day

Please not a prayer for the listing ship
just send us a boat
with room enough for all to fit
we've all changed some ways,
and then felt proud
we've all closed some doors
and felt locked out



Jeff Johansson - Sweet Fallin' Rain (2002)
Nervous System - CD due in June 2004

Set List

free world start
tree falls twice
the listing
honky tonkin'
even & low
roll train
california can wait
old gloves
stolen flowers
fall of troy
lust for life
skin & bones
ordinary girl

the weight
california stars
you ain't goin' nowhere
wild horses
cold water

other originals and covers trickle in and out of the set, but these are the mainstays...